Dedicated to Old and Modern Kinson

 A  BT Community site dedicated to Kinson

This website was created by Rod & Jackie Haskell who have lived in the heart of Kinson for over 50 years and both have served the community they love in many capacities during this time. Welcomed assistance has been given also by family and friends.

Both are more than happy to pass on their very detailed knowledge about the area and are totally committed to ensuring the community feeling in Kinson lives on.

BT offers them a unique opportunity to continue passing on their individual knowledge about a very interesting and deeply-rooted community in Kinson, Bournemouth, Dorset.

Moonfleet of Kinson can be contacted via the website. We look forward to hearing from you.

Our website`s name

Why is our website named "Moonfleet of Kinson"?

The word Moonfleet is a haunting one. It conjures up romantic thoughts about the past and it is a very splendid word immortalised by John Meade Falkner and his unforgettable book - a true classic which every child and child at heart should still read today, tomorrow and certainly in the future!

When we grew up, many stories were told to us by the late respected Mrs. Pepper and Mrs. Edwards who lived in Kinson Road. These stories had a smuggling theme and the word Gulliver was remembered from a young age. We also were taught Old Kinson has strong links with the past and these deep roots are still intact now and essentially bind the local community together. This is certainly evident in local schools, The Kinson Hub, Pelhams and the considerable number of local organisations associated with the area.

In our "informative years", much research was undertaken locally and almost every field in the Kinson area has been explored, as indeed has every available piece of paper which bears the name of Kinson. Buildings and people have always held a fascination of their own. It is wonderful to be able to look at buildings still standing in Kinson and to research the details about those who lived in them.

Although Kinson is barely 4 miles or so from the sea, it really is a place which has a lot in common with Fleet, or rightly East or West Fleet along the Chesil Beach coastline near Weymouth. We too have stories and tales of intrigue; of happiness; of sadness; of deceit: and indeed the smugglers here in the past would have fitted in nicely with the general theme which runs through Moonfleet.

Any modern writer, if they had a mind to, could write another smuggling novel which would take in many facets of Kinson village`s past and there are numerous past living characters who could be brought to life again as vividly as J. M. Falkner wrote his epic tale.

Admittedly, the sea has not flooded Kinson as it did Moonfleet, nor ever will. But Kinson has been swept by tides of change, and it has been a real struggle to hold onto the roots and the heart that many of us hold dear in our everyday lives.

Some time ago now, a small sign which says "Moonfleet", was firstly carved and hung over our front porch. It was placed there to commemorate the fact that our home stands on land once owned by Isaac Gulliver and that teams of small pack horses once trotted down School Lane or Stoney Lane to Kinson Church.

We are proud to name our Website "Moonfleet of Kinson" and this is why we use this name.

The logo of Moonfleet of Kinson 

As visitors to our website will notice, we are striving to feature many topics of interest about the Kinson area. However, at the end of any day, some may think that the activities of Moonfleet also end. Not so.

At dusk, bats and moths fly over the area and are worth researching. There is also the wonderful world of Astronomy to explore. At certain times in the year the night sky in the Kinson area does permit good obervations of the Moon and many planets including, Jupiter and Saturn.

Whilst enjoying a detailed view of a crescent Moon, a digital photograph was taken and this now forms the basis of our logo. 

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