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Posted by Glenn Johnson on 16/04/2020

Hi, just had another look through Kinson School listing. Really interesting, thank you. I was there age 5, from 1972 (Mrs Oates) to 1978, leaving for senior school. I did pop back once, years ago to get one of the mugs, which was a strange experience. I do like the look of the display cabinet items, those I'd love to get a look at. I will revisit this site a lot, I'm sure. Thanks

Posted by karl penn on 11/07/2019   Email

Found the site by chance. I grew up in Kinson, on Horsham Avenue, having moved there in 1969. I left the area in 1983 when I joined the RAF.

Posted by ronald gulliver on 08/06/2019   Email

been a long time looking at my past so intresting to read about the gullivers does anser a lot

Posted by John Perkins on 07/04/2019   Email

Good to chat the other day, great to j as very someone like you in the village

Posted by Mark Battistini on 07/04/2019   Email

What an excellent source of information the website is. Thank you for the great info and sharing your knowledge

Posted by Tom Gulliver on 07/03/2017   Email

Just checking out the family history . Thank you all . Yours Tom Gulliver

Posted by Glenn Johnson on 17/01/2017

Always like to check for new info. I attended Sunday school (with Mrs Cuss) at St.Andrews church hall in Kinson Road (adjacent to the Hillside classrooms, which were my last before leaving the school in '78). I'm not sure when the hall (& Hillside) were done away with and can't locate any pictures online. I'll keep an eye on your site in hope. Thanks.

Posted by raymond wills on 05/12/2016   Email

Great to see you guys still online. Wishing you all the best from our new home in Alpena Michigan USA.

Posted by Chas Rowling on 02/12/2015   Email

Fascinating, thank you for compiling all this information. I have through chance resettled in kinson. Evacuated from London during WWII , my parents lived in one of the cottages adjacent to kinson school, and then moved into the lady wimborne cottage at 310 poole lane, where I grew up, so your website was of special interest to me. Thank you again.

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