Dedicated to Old and Modern Kinson




What follows represents a lifetime`s interest in Kinson. Although Kinson School 1836-1986 was written by Rodney Haskell in 1986, it is felt that the time is right to update this work and to share it with a wider audience.

Many years ago with others, some of whom are no longer with us, who also shared a deep and lasting love of Kinson, the Kinson Historical Society was formed to try and ensure that what remains of "Old Kinson", does so for future generations to see and enjoy.

Back in 1986 the modern school celebrated its 150th anniversary and the 50th year on its present site in School Lane and the booklet covered practically all what was known about its history at the time. As research is so much easier now, a return has been made to an "old friend", probably gathering dust, to give it a new lease of life.

As an added flavour it would be timely to remind readers that Kinson`s history stretches way back to the Early Stone Age when primitive people roamed and hunted throughout this area. Later, Bronze Age dwellers farmed parts of north Bournemouth including what we now know as Kinson. These same people left behind as a permanent reminder of their existence, many burial places known as barrows on our local heathlands. Most of these have disappeared now. Two such barrows can still be seen today on Kinson Common at a place named Two Barrow Heath by the original members of the Kinson Common Management committee who worked in partnership with Bournemouth council.

The base of St Andrew`s church is believed to date back to Saxon times. The present tower is reputed to be of Norman origin. Long before the days of National education, the tower is said to have been used by a tutor to educate some of the children of the local gentry. Even if this is true, many of the gentry with children would have employed a governess for home education at cost in the region of £25 per annum.

Where else in Bournemouth can you walk a stone`s throw from a school and play with your children in the grounds of a Georgian house, Pelhams. At the rear of Pelhams is Manor Farm, the farm house dates back to the 1700`s.

Not far from Kinson School, surrounded by the trappings of a modern community, stands a pair of thatched cottages known as Primrose cottages. Across the road on the other side of East Howe Lane and slighly nestling in Brook Road stands the Thatched House Inn. It is said that these buildings date back to the 1800`s. In those times Kinson Village and the surrounding district was well established as a busy and thriving farming community and yet, the town to be known as Bournemouth was only in its infancy and just beginning to gain favour as a seaside resort.

Throughout the next century or so, Kinson Village continued to develop as a farming community, it also had a smattering of other local industries. As far back as 1650 it had a glove-making industry and in 1801, a perfume factory. At one time Kinson and West Howe even had its own brickworks, the clay being extracted straight from the ground. Bricks and pipes were locally fired on site and sent out to all corners of the world.

It is hard to imagine now that Kinson`s boundaries stretched as far down as Poole Harbour. Over the centuries the area known as Kinson sadly diminished to its present size, no longer reflecting the greatness of its past glories!

Kinson smugglers once brought many a good keg of the finest French brandy from the shores of Poole to Kinson church. Robert Trotman, although not a local man, was shot on the shore near the Sandbanks road and was laid to rest in Kinson in 1765. Other smugglers including James Abrahams, Richard Frampton, Henry Tiller and Luke Budden were also buried in St. Andrew`s churchyard at Kinson.

Elizabeth Fryer, the daughter of the legendary Isaac Gulliver, rests in the Fryer vault, once within the church now covered by an important and substantial monument, at the rear of Kinson church. Both she and her husband William once made a small donation to Kinson School in its infancy. `Old Gulliver`once owned considerable property and land within Kinson which has mostly been covered over now by modern needs. His name is still to be found in old archives, also the amount he contributed to Kinson church when church rates were levied and the one shilling and sixpence paid over to him by the churchwardens for 100 of limestones long ago.

Farm animals were once raised locally and then driven on foot along the Wimborne Road at Kinson to Wimborne Market. No one remembers Mr. Wareham`s untimely death caused by his mad bull or even the inquest held at the Royal Oak which decreed bulls must be led with rings in their noses in public places. Today, a fleet of modern Tesco lorries deliver almost all we need right to the door of our long awaited superstore in our village and throughout our local shops, helping hands make shopping a pleasure.

When Kinson became a part of Bournemouth in 1931, life was bound to change and did. Farms such as Pitts and Cudnell were gradually sold and made way for mushroom housing. Only Kinson`s Manor Farm, with its three centuries of history, remains as a little reminder of `Old Kinson`s farming past` and lives on now in a different guise.

Early commuters went to Salisbury and London via Poole Lane, Pound Lane and over Longham bridge at the end of Millhams Road. The lane outside the present school (renamed School Lane) could, I am sure, still tell many interesting stories.

Blacksmiths` shops and wheelwrights` have all vanished into history, as have the once numerous thatched cottages situated in the heart of Kinson; one generation is quickly replaced by another, and yet, the community spirit which made `Old Kinson` lives on. As well as the need to reinforce and to protect all the good things already in place, one needs to be mindful of taking Kinson forwards yet still retain a watching brief upon its past. 


By the year 1800 there were 86 houses in Kinson and, out of a total of 497 inhabitants, 466 were
employed in agriculture, 23 were employed in manufacturing and handicraft work. Nearly everyone
in Kinson village , until 15 years after the Battle of Waterloo, was employed in the smuggling
trade. A Kinson smuggler, James Abraham, was buried in Kinson churchyard on February 7th 1816.
Isaac Gulliver,the "uncrowned" king of the Dorset smugglers moved back to Kinson (Kingston) from
Long Crichel prior to 3rd November 1815 and was still living there (Kinson cottage) in March of
1816. His daughter, Elizabeth, who married William Fryer, was living at Pelhams House.

Up to the year 1818, the only provision for education consisted of two Sunday schools at Canford,
where basic reading and writing was taught. In Kinson, with the exception of the clergy, parish
clerk and the local gentry, most of the villagers could neither read nor write. The children of
the gentry were probably taught at home or in the tower of Kinson church. A room once adjoined
the tower and, this may have been used for scholastic purposes. Much of the "old" Kinson church
disappeared when it was restored between 1893-1895. There is, however, evidence to prove that a
fire-place once existed in the tower.

In 1820, Henry Brougham`s Bill, based upon an enquiry into the "Education of the Lower Orders",
never progressed beyond the committee stage. As far back as 1802, A Factory Act sought the
compulsory education of apprentices working in the mills. This too, had been heavily opposed.
Even Samuel Whitbread`s Bill (1807), sought to provide for the education of pauper children. The
Commons and the Lords, thinking it a dangerous step to take, quashed it.

In July 1833,a young independent Member,John A.Roebuck,proposed that the Commons should "proceed to devise a means for the universal and national Education of the whole people". On Saturday, 17th August 1833, the Commons voted.Fifty were for and twenty-six were against. The Government wisely granted £20,000 towards Education. The money was used for the "Erection of School Houses". The grant was renewed annually over the next six years. Four-fifths of the grant... went to the National Society, founded in 1811 and, the remaining one-fifth went to the British and Foreign School, founded in 1814.

All parishioners had to report on the provisions of Education in their own areas. In our own
locality, the local clergy had already formed a flourishing Sunday school, attended by 51 boys
and 25 girls. It is said that two Dame schools were run by village women. These schools were run
on similar lines to modern play-schools, but lacked the proper facilities most schools now have.

At a meeting pursuant to notice given in Kinson church, a meeting was held at Kinson in 1834.
Those present included: Rev. William Oldfield Bartlett, Mr. & Mrs. Way, Mr. & Mrs Pymar, Mr.
Elliote, Mr. Hayes, Mrs Hile, Mr. Footner etc. The Reverend Bartlett, having been appointed
Chairman, it was resolved:


That the establishment of a Daily school for the instruction of the poor children of the poor of
the Parish,in the principles of the established church,is highly necessary & that subscriptions
be entered into for... carrying the same into effect.


That the Reverend W. Bartlett be requested to procure a Master and Mistress to conduct the same.


That the thanks of the meeting be given to Mr. Elliott for his liberal offer of a house in his
occupation at Bear Cross, for 3 months, as a residence....for the Master & Mistress and for the
use of the school, the same being accepted.


That the following persons be a committee for the superintending the management of the school
in conformity to the rules read by Mr. Bartlett.


Mr. Way, Mr. Hile, Mr. Pymar, Mr. Castleman, Mrs. Way, Mrs. Hayes, Mrs. Pymar, Mr. Elliote, Mrs.
Hile, Mr. Garland, Mr. Footner, the Reverend Bartlett...etc.


Mrs. Austin £2.0.0, Bankes (1 year) £6.6.0, Castleman (1 year) £5.5.0, Way (1.25 years) £3.15.0,
Pymar (1.25 years) £3.15.0, Jolliffe (1.25 years) £2.12.6, Hile (1.25 years) £1.1.0, J. Hile
£1.5.0, Elliott (1.25 years) £1.5.0, H. Rodwell (1 year) 10.0d, Footner (1.25 years) 12.6d,
Reverend Bartlett (1 year) £3.0.0, Mrs. Fryer(1.25 years) £2.12.6, Mr. Holmes (1 year) £1.0.0,
Mrs. Wood (1 year) £1.0.0, Mrs Haynes (1 year) £1.0.0.

                                                                                £   s   d
Paid Master & Mistress..salary to this day              6   5   0
Paid postage of letter fr National School Society         1   6
Paid Billows? for a bell                                            1   0   0
Mr Lows... bill for slate                                               13   3
1 Testament                                                                    10
Elementary Questions (book)                                           8
National School book                                                   1   2
1 year`s rent for Mr. Allen`s house                          3   0   0
Paid Welch for work at Allen`s house                           5  5
Paid for cakes for the children at Easter                       7  2
Paid for quire of letter paper                                              6
Paid Mr. Elliott 7 weeks rent .house at Bear Cross 1   0   0
Paid Mr Lows bill for foolscap paper                             2  4

The Reverend Bartlett,it is clear, had already started a Day School in Oak Cottage, situated in
the heart of Kinson. By early March 1835 he had raised the sum of £104. He then applied for a
grant of £56 from the Treasury. However, the Treasury only granted him £40. The local gentry and
especially Lord de Mauley, were soon to come to the aid of the Reverend Bartlett.

At the meeting of the Kinson School Committee held at the School house on Friday 7 April, 1835, it
was resolved that:

That no child be admitted for the future into the school under the age of five years. It was also
resolved that Work Tickets of the value of two pence each be given to those children who shall
execute their work in a manner to be approved by the ladies belonging to the Committee, and that
every person sending work to the school shall pay two thirds of the price usually charged for such
article, out of which sum the value of the Work Tickets is to be deducted, and the remaining sum
to be supplied to the good of the school.

W. O. Bartlett......Chairman

In 1835, Kinson still had a Workhouse. This was situated in the South Kinson area. The Kinson
Church Vestry minutes state that, `the necessary thatch and spars be provided for the repairs of
Poorhouse and any other that may appear to be necessary`. William Dennett and Fanny Luther each
received 5 shillings for their care and attention of the sick and the infirm poor at the Poor-
house. By 1840 the poorhouse was closed and the site was sold. The one acre site reverted back to
the Fryer family,for it was William Fryer, who in 1824 conveyed to John Way and two others, to be
used for the benefit of the parishioners of Kinson.


On the 26 January 1836, the honourable William Francis Spencer Ponsonby (Lord de Mauley), granted
lease lease 30 perches bounded north and west by Estate land, and south and east by public roads.
This lease was granted for a period of 99 years at an annual rent of 2/6d. On this land, a patch
of grass and trees, and now affectionately called `the Village Green`, that a Church of England
Charity school was erected.

It is said that the buildings which formed the original Kinson School cost the princely sum of
£600. A trust was vested in the names of the Reverend Bartlett, William Footner and John Way of
Kinson Church (then a chapel-of-ease), Pennel King and Edward Elliott, the Overseers of the Poor,
and granted to their successors. The early pupils paid two pence to attend school, payable on a
weekly basis. Although a school had already opened prior to 1836, it is generally accepted that
1836 was the year a properly organised school was set up in the Kinson area, and the present
Kinson School`s traditions were founded.

                                                    £      s     d
Paid Mr Allen...salary                  6      5     0
Paid S. Arnold for work                       2     0
Paid for 6 besoms                               1     3
J. Saunders for 6 forms                      4     6
Paid Mr. King Poors rate          2     0
Paid Mr.Allen coal & carr.                   3     9 hair broom                        3     3
Lows bile...books and slates       1     0     0

KINSON SCHOOL LOG BOOKS (also other sources of information) 1837 to 1848
1837 School Log
                                                                                     £         s      d
By amount from Dorchester                                         8         8      0
Paid Mr Low for bibles                                                          11    10
For Sunday lessons..past board                                             6      8
Paid Spencers bill                                                                         10
Paid Budden..1 load of gravel                                               12     0
Paid Sydenham..advertisement for Master & Mistress         13     0
Paid Phillip Welch`s bill                                                          4      9
Paid Mr. Way for bookcase,bellows,fire irons & carr.   1        5      3
Paid for 2 chairs                                                                     9      0
Paid S. Arnold for work                                                          3      7
Paid Thos. Sweatland                                                            6      7

1837 - Coroner`s Inquest concerning the death of John White (4) at Bear Cross. Phillip Welch was a jury member which also included Charles Spencer of the Dolphin Inn and Henry Tiller a former smuggler.

In the same year, Mary the mother of Charles Spencer died at the Dolphin Inn. Of interest would be the fact that Mary was originally Mary Potter, whose father John was also a local smuggler and her mother Hannah was seen in the company of smugglers in Kinson in 1784.

1838 School Log
                                                                                  £    s    d
Mar 31, paid for Mr. & Mrs.Jerrard 1st qtr`s stipend 6    5    0
Paid Sweatland for quarter hundred of faggots              1    0
Paid Mrs. Garland for rewards at Easter                  1    0    0
Paid Mr. Easton 1 years rent for Mr. Jerrard`s cott. 3    0    0

1839 School Log
                                                                                    £    s    d
Paid for putting up railings in the playgrounds                  9    6
Nails, hinges and fasteners                                               5   4
Paid One Poors rate                                                          2   0
Mr. Gerrard`s stipend                                                  6    5   0
Paid insurance for School house                                      4    6
Paid for printing 100 rules of Childrens Penny Club
Paid Goden & Adley for 12.25cwt of coal                       14   9
Paid Sherwood for cutting peat                                        4   0
Paid Mrs Pottle ... for attendance 3 Sundays                   5   0
Paid Mr Easton 1 years rent of Master`s house         3    0   0
Paid for 1 years Ground rent of School house                 3   0
Paid Budden (mason) as per bile                                   11   0

1839 - Kinson marriage

Elisha Bartlett, cordwainer, marries the daughter of a local
mariner on 25 December at Kinson.

1840 School Log
                                                                               £     s     d
For draft stamp                                                             1     6
Paid Moses Fords bile for painting outside walls   4  17     0
Paid Pearces bile for Hat pins                                     5    10
Mr. Footner for brush                                                   2     6
Paid Tucks bile for work at the Schoolroom          3    9     5
Paid Mr. Low 2 bills for books,pens,ink & paper   1     2    3

1841 Samuel Garland

Samuel resided at Hampreston with his family.

1841 School Log
                                                      £    s    d
Paid Mr. Rogers stipend               3    0    0
Paid Wheeler for replacing slate         1    9
Paid Stickland for 24 Sundays     1     4    0

1842 School Log
                                                          £   s  d
Mrs. Rogers ... 3 months to this day 4 10  0

1842 - Kinson baptism

Amelia daughter of Elisha Bartlett, cordwainer.
1842 - Weare`s charity, Kinson

Mary Bartlett     2s  6d
Mary Hawkins   2s  6d
Luke Budden    2s  6d

1842 Kinson Clothing Fund   £16 was raised by subscription
                             £   s   d
Lord de Mauley    £5 0 0d
Bankes                 £5 0 0d
Austen                  £2 0 0d
West                     £1 0 0d
Pymer                   £1 0 0d
Jolliffe                   £1 0 0d
Way                      £1 0 0d

1842-3 Kinson School Repairs

It having been proposed to raise the floor of the School at Kinson
and repair the roof in order to keep it water tight a subscription
was entered into for this purpose. The names of the subscribers
are as follows:

Lord de Mauley      £3 0 0d
Mr. Bankes            £3 0 0d
Mr. Way                 £1 0 0d
Mr. Pymer              £1 0 0d
Mrs. Austen           £1 0 0d
Mrs. West                 10 0d
Mr. Jolliffe                   5 0d
Reverend Smith     £1 0 0d
I. Fryer (not paid)      10 0d
Footner                     10 0d
Ed. Elliott               £1 0 0d
Edwin Elliott              10 0d
King                          10 0d
Williams                     5 0d
Abbott                        5 0d
Mrs. Rodwell           10 0d
Total                 £14 15 0d

The Outlay

Ware Bill                     £8    9   5d
Labour                              11   1d
Swaffields steps and
carriage                       £1    3   6d
Arnolds bill                  £2   11  0d
Digging gravel                   12   6d
Total                         £13    7    6d

The carting materials kindly given by the Pymers in addition to their subscriptions.

1843 School Log
                                                            £     s    d
Mrs. Rogers ..1 quarters salary          4   10    0
Paid Mrs. Scott for 2 months salary   3     0    0
Paid Stickland for the year                 2   12    0

1844 School Log

Paid Scott ... salary            £4 10 0d
Paid Stickland for the year £2 12 0d

1844 - Kinson baptism

Matilda Jane, daughter of Elisha Bartlett, cordwainer.

1845 School Log

Paid Mrs. Scott in advance        £3   0  0d
Paid Mrs. Scott in full                 £1 10  0d
Paid Troke for coal and carriage      3  2d
Paid Stickland for the year        £2 12  0d
Paid Thomas for making hedge       2  0d
Paid Thomas for labour                   3  0d
Buns 7 dozen (White)                      7  0d

1845 - Kinson baptism

William Sharp, son of Elisha Bartlett.

1845 - Kinson burial

Amelia, daughter of Elisha Bartlett, cordwainer.

1846 School Log

Paid Mrs Scott in advance          £3   0   0d
Buns                                                   6   0d
Paid Mrs. Scott in full                  £1 10   0d
Paid Welches bill                               4 11d
Paid Arnolds                                    18   7d
Paid Mrs. Scott in full
to the 25 August                         £2   0   0d
Paid Thos. Stickland in full
to that day in Sept.
Paid Arnolds bile ..deducted
2/6d                                           £1  16   4d
Paid Welches bile.. deducted
6d                                                     4    6d
Paid Wares                               £3  13   4d
Paid Baker                                £1   7    4d
Paid Elisha Bartlett 1 month`s
salary to Michaelmas               £1 14    0d
Paid Low for books                  £3   1    6d

1847 School Log

Books from London                    £4  6  5d
Books from Dublin                      £1  0  6d
Elisha Bartlett ... quarter salary £5  10 0d

1847 - Kinson baptism

Emily daughter of Elisha Bartlett, schoolmaster.

1847 - Kinson burial

William Sharp son of Elisha Bartlett.

1848 - Kinson baptism

Phoebe, daughter of Elisha Bartlett, schoolmaster.

1848 Gentry in Kinson

Catherine Austin.... Ensbury House
Joel Penney ...        Woodlands Cottage
Sarah Way ...          East Howe Cottage
Susan West ...        East Howe Cottage

1848 Postal deliveries
Letters came from Wimborne at half past eight.
Despatched at 5pm.

1848 Charities
£5 10 0d was paid to the poor and needy.

1848 - Kinson traders and professions

Thos. Abbott , Farmer at Cudnell
Sam. Arnold , Carpenter
Thos. Bailey , Farmer ... Alderney Cottage
Elisha Bartlett, Master ... National School
James Cherrett , Brickmaker & Farmer ...West Howe Farm
Thos. Conway ,  Brickmaker
Wm. Cutler ,       East Howe Farm
Charles Edwin Elliott ,  Farmer
George Elliott , Farmer
Edward Elliott , Cudnell Farm
Wm. Footner,   Malster
Isaac Fryer,      Solicitor
Harry Hayter,    Ensbury Farm
George Higdon,Wheelwright
Robert King ,    Farmer
Solomon Larcombe,  Dealer
John Lawford,   Blacksmith & Baker
John Luther ,     Parish Clerk
Chas. Spencer, Dolphin Inn & Cattleman
Richard Stickland , Baker & Shopkeeper
Miss Strong, Shoulder of Mutton Inn
Darius Tarrant, Baker & Shopkeeper ...Ensbury
Joseph Veal ,  Exciseman
George Ware, Bricklayer & Beer retailer
Joshua Wareham , Farmer & Beer retailer
Philip Welch ,  Post Office & Blacksmith
Thos. Williams,  Farmer
Thos. Witteridge , Butcher,Farmer & Tax collector
Henry Woodgate , Farmer
Pennell King ,Farmer ... Ensbury Farm
James Pymer , Farmer

Charles Spencer,  Overseer of the poor
Joshua Wareham, Overseer of the poor


(extracts from 1848 to 1898) Updated.


On June 23, Dorcas, William and Sarah, the children of Kinson smuggler
William Butler and Mary Anne Butler were christened. Legend has it that
William Butler lived long enough to reach the ripe old age of 100!


The 54 girls of Kinson School were given grey cloaks, presented to them
by William Henry Fryer on Christmas Day.


Baptism of George, son of Elisha Bartlett, schoolmaster.


Kinson`s population was 907.There were at least 208 houses in the area.
Elisha Bartlett, National Schoolmaster was 33 years old and born in Kinson.

Mr. Samuel Garland, cordwainer, family man with one apprentice, resided
at Longham. In 1841 he lived at Hampreston.


Baptism of Katharine, daughter of Elisha Bartlett, schoolmaster.

Burial of George, son of Elisha Bartlett, schoolmaster.


November 23, Henry Tiller (or is it White?) a minor Kinson smuggler
who lived at East Howe, was buried at Kinson Church, aged 51.


Baptism of Louisa daughter of Elisha Bartlett, schoolmaster.

1855 - Kinson or Kingstone


Rev. John Austin
Mr. Joseph Garland
Thomas Mayo Esq
Rev. Barrington S. T. Mills (curate)
Rev. Percy Newell
Rev. Piggott
Mr. Philip Welch
Mrs. Susan West


Thomas Abbott , Farmer
John Arnold, Blacksmith
Samuel Arnold, Carpenter
Thomas Bailey, Farmer
Elisha Bartlett,  Shoemaker, & registrar of births & deaths
John Bartlett, Shoemaker
George Bowring,Farmer
James Cherrett,Farmer & brickmaker
George Lockyer Conway,  Beer retailer
Thomas Conway,  Farmer
Charles Cutler,      Farmer
John Easton,  Farmer & brickmaker
Edwin Elliott , Farmer & malster
George Elliott, Farmer
William Footner, Malster
William Frampton, Shopkeeper
Philip Hawkes, Farmer& brickmaker
Harry Head, Farmer
George Higden, Wheelwright
George Holloway, Grocer & draper
John Sidney Hudson,  Drain pipe manufacturer
Robert James , Farmer
Pennell King, Farmer
William Palmer, Beer retailer
William Roscoe, Farmer
John Sherewood, Shoulder of Mutton
Charles Spencer, Dolphin Inn & cattle dealer
Charles Stainer,  Shopkeeper
William Symonds, Baker
Thomas Tanner, Baker
George Ware, Bricklayer & bear retailer
Joseph Ware ,Carpenter
Wareham & Romsey, Farmers
Joshua Wareham, Beer retailer & shopkeeper
Mrs. Sarah Way, Farmer
John White , Shopkeeper
Thomas Williams, Farmer
Thomas Witteridge, Farmer & butcher
Henry Young, Baker & postmaster

Miss Jane Driver, National School, mistress


Richard Phillips, David Sweatland, Thomas Luther and Joseph Ware benefitted from the William`s Charity.


Baptism of Elisha, son of Elisha Bartlett (Parish Clerk).

Burial of Elisha, son of Elisha Bartlett.

Burial of Elisha Bartlett (father), former Kinson School National schoolmaster/Parish Clerk.

As his sons were dead,the direct line ended. Some of his daughters married locally.

1856 - postmistress

Mrs. Louisa Bartlett, widow, Kinson.

1859 - Kinson or Kinstone


Rev. John Austin
Rev. E. F. Daniel M.A.      Curate
Mr. Joseph Garland
Mrs. Jones
Rev. Percy Newell             Pelhams
Mr. Phillip Welch
Mrs. West


Thomas Abbott,  Farmer
Edmund Arnold , Blacksmith
Mrs. Louisa Bartlett, Post office receiving house
Chas. Beckenham,  Shoulder of Mutton
Thomas Belben, Miller
George Belben,  Miller
George Bowring, Farmer
James Cherrett,  Farmer
G. L. Conway, Beer retailer
Charles Cutler, Farmer
John Easton, Farmer & brickmaker
Edwin Elliott ,Farmer & malster
George Elliott, Farmer
William Frampton, Shopkeeper
Samuel Garland, National school master*
Philip Hawkes, Farmer & brickmaker
Harry Head, Farmer
George Higden, Wheelwright
J. S. Hudson, Drain pipe maker
Robert James,  Farmer
Pennell King, Farmer
William Palmer,  Beer retailer
John Rumsey,  Beer retailer & shopkeeper
Charles Spencer,  Dolphin
Charles Stainer,  Shopkeeper
William Symonds, Baker
Thomas Tanner, Baker
George Ware, Bricklayer & beer retailer
Joseph Ware,Carpenter
Wareham & Rumsey, Farmers
Mrs. Sarah Way, Farmer
John White, Shopkeeper
Thomas White, Shopkeeper
Thomas Williams, Farmer
Thomas Witteridge, Farmer & butcher


* Mr Samuel Garland, master; Mrs Elizabeth Garland, mistress, of Kinson Village School.


On March 10, Kinson smuggler, Richard Frampton, was buried at Kinson Church.
He was aged 60. It is rumoured, no more kegs of brandy were brought to
the church, the purple heather heaths were silent. The last pack horse had
trotted home, no more gentleman of the night, would go riding by!

Kinson`s population as a tithing in Great Canford parish, Poole union and the Cogdean hundred was 1,201.

1865 - Kinson & district


Rev. John H Austin, J.P.
Rev. Egerton Frederick Daniel, M.A. Curate
Mr. Joseph Davis
Isaac Fryer Esq.
Mr. Joseph Garland
Colonel Monckton Green
Rev. Percy Joseph Newell , Pelham House
Charles William Packe Esq, M.P. , Branksome tower
Rev. Macnamara Patey, B.A., Chaplain to Poole union
Rev. John William Preston, B.A., Constitution Hill
Thomas Shettle Esq. ,  Kinson lodge
James Way Esq., * Kinson green
Mrs. Way
Miss Welch
Mrs. West , The Howe


Thomas Abbott  , Farmer
William Abbott, Farmer
Edmund Arnold, Blacksmith
David Atkins,  Malster
Chas Beckenham , Shoulder of Mutton
Thomas & George Belben , Millers
Henry Bond, Shopkeeper, carpenter & beer retailer
Messrs.Standing & Marten, Bourne Valley Pottery
George Bowring ,  Farmer
William Chin , Woodman Inn
Charles Cutler, Farmer, Howe Farm
Alfred Easton,  Beer retailer, Const. Hill
Edwin Elliott,  Farmer & malster
George Elliott,  Farmer, Kinson Farm
William Footner,  Rate collector
William Frampton, Shopkeeper & carrier
Samuel Garland, National schoolmaster
Harry Head,  Farmer
John William Hicks, Thatcher
George Higden, Wheelwright
Robert James, Farmer
Robert Corbin King, Farmer
James Lill,  Farmer, Ensbury
Mrs. & Miss Nicholson, Ladies` school
William Palmer,  Beer retailer
Miss Mary Pretty, Schoolmistress, Const. Hill
John Prince, Farm bailiff for Rev Austin
Charles Spencer, Dolphin Inn
Charles Stainer, Shopkeeper
William Symonds, Baker
Thomas Tanner,  Baker
George Vivian , Manufacturer, Constitution Hill
George Ware, Bricklayer & beer retailer
Joseph Ware ,  Carpenter
Joshua Wareham, Farmer
James White , Shopkeeper
Thomas Williams,  Farmer
Winter & Company, Bourne Valley Pottery
Mrs Susannah Wise,Pottery hotel
Thomas Witteridge,Farmer & butcher

* There was probably a Kinson green in existence long before the Kinson Village green we have today?


Kinson Church ceased to be a Chapel-of-Ease joined to the Mother church at
Canford. Kinson became a separate parish. The Reverend Frederick Egerton
Daniell became Kinson`s fist vicar.


William Hewes, travelling huckster, died in a tent at Redhill.


May 30 the Reverend Daniell, Edwin Elliott and Robert Corbin King (church-
wardens), together with William White and David Atkins (Overseers of the
Poor), applied to the Board of Charity Commissioners, with regards to a
scheme for the regulations and management of Kinson School.

August 27 the scheme, thoroughly investigated, was set in motion.

The buildings to be used as a "School for the instruction of children and
adults or children only, of the labouring and other poorer classes in

The School to be run in accordance with the provisions applied by the 7th
Section of the Elementary Education Act 1870.

The Minister to have charge of religious and moral instruction of the
scholars, and direct the use of the premises as a Sunday School.

The control and management, appointments and dismissal of staff, to be
undertaken by a committee consisting of the Minister and his curate, also
seven other members. Each had to contribute at least £1.0.0d annually.

Replacement managers to pay not less than 10s 0d to the funds for the
remainder of that year.

Committee meetings to be held at the School House in January, April, July
and October.

Committee procedure.
Her Majesty`s Inspector of Schools to be asked to arbitrate if necessary.

The dismissal of masters and mistresses.

A committee of four ladies may be appointed each May to assist in the
management of the Girls` and Infants` School.

First non-official Managers
George Godfrey Russell, Esquire (Kinson House), Henry Bury, Esquire,
Ledbetter Appleby, Esquire, Thomas Abbott (Cudnell farmer), Edwin Elliott,
(Cudnell Farmer), Robert Corbin King (Ensbury Farmer), John Payne, Esquire,
of Canford.

1872 - marriages

Emily Bartlett, daughter of Elisha Bartlett married into a local gamekeeping

Katherine (now written Catherine), daughter of Elisha Bartlett married
a Bournemouth guesthouse keeper.


February 24, Weather bad. Snow deep. Present am 11, pm 12.

March 20, as Helena Hill was returning from dinner, she was dragging behind
a waggon and fell, the wheel passing partly over her foot.


On March 12 1874 the land, buildings and hereditaments were vested in and
held in trust by the Reverend Daniell and Robert Corbin King and Edwin
Elliott, Churchwardens of KInson Church, and those who were to follow on
from them. The vicar and his wardens successfully reached an agreement
with Sir Ivor Guest (Lord Wimborne), to qualify under the Education Act
of 1870. They were also discharged from payment of rent until the lease
was terminated.

Kinson School was enlarged. A Committee of seven members was reformed as
a School Board.

Kinson School Board... Religious Instruction

1. The Schools shall be opened and closed daily with Prayer and the singing
of hymns, according to a form approved by the Board.

2. From 9.15 to 9.45 Religious Instruction shall be given in the Schools, in
strict accordance with the letter and spirit of the `Conscience Clause.`

3. Children who have been withdrawn at the request of their parents from
Religious Instruction shall be employed at some other lesson during the
time of Religious Instruction.

4. The Religious Instruction shall consist in reading and instruction in such
portions of the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments as may be from time
to time chosen by the Board, and in repetition and singing of such hymns as may
be approved of by the Board.

5. The Religious Instruction shall be given only by the regular Teachers of the
schools, or such persons, if any, whom the Board may especially appoint for
this purpose.


June 30, kept school in the Barn for four weeks.
August 17, Harvest holidays.
August 24, extra week`s holiday, school not finished.


National School: Samuel Garland, master, assisted by Mrs. Eliza Garland, mistress.
Samuel also served as Parish Clerk for Kinson.


February 28, Mrs Ford takes the place of Eliza Garland who has left the school.


Mrs Ford left the school as assistant teacher.


National School: Mr. Samuel Garland, master.

His daughter ,Eliza Hannah, married Tom Arnold a blacksmith and died in 1885.


Mr. S. Garland retired on 3 September. Miss Elizabeth Amelia Beeson commenced her
duties at Kinson School on 29th September.


A School House costing £240, was erected on a small triangular shaped area of land,
which faced onto Pound Lane. The present Pound Lane car park serves as the only
reminder as to where it was once situated.

Samuel Garland was the Parish Clerk and Assistant Overseer. The small National
School in Kinson was run by Miss Beeson, mistress, assisted by Miss E. West,
assistant mistress. The Kinson and Kinson Heath schools, each educated about
100 children. Frederick Luther ran the Post Office.

1880 - Kinson & surrounding areas


Capt. Henry Austen             Ensbury House
Mrs Austin                           Ensbury cottage
Hon. Grantley Berkeley       Alderney
Henry Bury                         Branksome tower
Rev. Egerton Frederic
Daniell                                Vicar
Robert James
Miss Lecren
Rev. Percy Samuel
Newell                               Pelhams House
John W. Preston               Constitution Hill
Col. Godfrey Russell        Kinson House
Rev. Edward Sullen          Howe Lodge
Ledbetter Uppleby            Kinson Lodge
Miss West


Miss Jane Abbott           Cudnal farmer
William Abbott                Farmer
George Allingham         Grocer, High Moor
Charles Arnold              Carpenter
Edmund Arnold             Blacksmith
Samuel Barnes             Pottery hotel
Charles Beckenham     Shoulder of Mutton, West Howe
Charles Bowring           Farmer, West Howe
George Brown              Farmer, Ensbury
Samuel Jas. Brown      Beer retailer, Newtown
Alfred Carter                Kinson brick & tile works
Charles Cutler             Farmer
Edwin B. Elliott            Farmer & malster, Cudnal
Charles Godwin,         Grocer, Constitution Hill
George Higden           Wheelwright
James Robert
Kinson Pottery            Charles R. Andrews, clerk
Henry Laidlaw             Farmer, Talbot Village
Samuel Orchard         Sea View, Constitution Hill
Mrs. Mary Pike           King`s Arms, High moor
Thomas Purchase      Grocer & Baker, Talbot Village
Roger William             Beer retailer
Charles Saunders      Grocer
William Sherwood      Grocer & Baker, Talbot Village
Mrs. Mary Spencer     Dolphin Inn
William Symonds        Baker & Beer retailer, Con. Hill
Samuel Talbott           Farmer, Ensbury Farm
Mrs. F. Turner            Baker & Beer retailer
George Ware             Bricklayer & Beer retailer
Joseph Ware             Carpenter
James White              Shopkeeper
Thomas White           Shopkeeper
William White            Farmer & cattle dealer
Thomas Williams      Farmer
Thomas Williams      Woodman Tavern


January 10, the school re-opened after the holidays under the control
of the Kinson School Board.


January 9, Miss Annie Watts, late of Charminster, commenced her duties
as assistant mistress.

May 15, Great many children ill with measles.

May 16, Such a small number of children able to attend school that it
has to be closed for a time - Board thinking that decision advisable.


Miss Beeson resigned her duties as school mistress on 10th August.
Mr. Charles Southwick and Mrs. Mary Annie Southwick commenced duties
as master and mistress at Kinson village on September 17.


October 6, a Tea party at West Howe deprives us this afternoon of the
contingent from that district.

October 27, there having been high winds prevailing during the last
two days, half the school was away picking up acorns.


March 24, potato planting begins to affect the (school) attendance.

September 21, a good many children are away two or three days together,
picking up potatoes.


April 15, several children absent from school. Scarlet fever & whooping cough.

July 14, School closed today on account of the room being used as a polling

September 3, Heard that Colonel Russell refuses to allow a girl to attend
school for fear of contracting fever and communicating it to his children
as the girl lives in the house where the colonel`s washing is done.

September 17, School closed today on account of the School Board elections.


June 20, Closed school for one day, as the celebration of her Majesty`s
Jubilee falls on the 21st.


February 15, 61 children away from school all day owing to a somewhat severe

June 12, closed school for one day on the authority of four members of the
Board, the occasion being the Fete of the Kinson Lodge of Oddfellows.

November 5, School inspected by Mr. Mostyn Pryce after which school was closed
for 4 weeks on account of epidemic of measles & whooping cough (130 children).

December 3, Reopened school after a period of 4 weeks during which time the
building has been fumigated and the interior white washed and recoloured.

1888 - Kinson marriage

Blacksmith Tom Arnold, widower, marries Louisa Ames at Kinson on 27 Sept.

1889 - Kinson

The church of St. Andrew is described as a Norman building of stone;
consisting of chancel, nave and low square tower containing 1 bell:
the chancel was restored in 1875 by Col. Fryer in memory of his
father: there were 250 sittings.

Kinson school is described as, Board, built in 1836 & enlarged in 1874,
for 104 children: average attendance, 100; it was transferred to the
board in 1880, when a residence for the master was erected at a cost
of £240. Charles Southwick, master; Mrs. Mary Annie Southwick, mistress.

A School Board of 7 members was formed September 27 1880; H. W. Dibben,
Wimborne, clerk to the board; David Long, attendance officer.

1889 - Kinson


Mrs.Hilda Bartlett                          Hillside cottage, East Howe
Rev. C. H. Bousfield                     Vicar of St. John the Evangelist
Mrs. Clay                                      Woodlands
Rev. R. Cooper                            Constitution Hill
James Finlayson                          Heatherland villa
E. G. Greenhill                             Ensbury cottage
F. T. Hayward
J. B. Hobbs                                  Heathlands
E. Hopper                                    Heatherlands
Mrs. Kirk                                      Constitution Hill
Miss Lecren
S. Montgomery
I. J. More                                     Ashley Road
J. H. Mundell                               Talbot village
Rev. P. S. Newell                        Pellhams
C. de C. Pelham-Clay                 Woodlands
B. H. Poole Ashley
Col. G. Russell                            Kinson house
W. A. Smith                                 Ensbury house
Miss Uppleby                              Constitution Hill
Rev. L.B. Weldon                        Vicar
Miss West                                   Stonehill cottage


John Abbot                                    Cudnell
William Abbott Farmer,                  Alderney cottage
E. F. Allen                                      Builder
W. Amore                                      Butcher, Ashley Road
F. Archer                                       Grocer, Newtown
C. Arnold                                       Bootmaker, Ashley Road
Edmund Arnold                             Blacksmith
G. E. Barnes                                 Grocer
E. F. Barnes                                 Wheelwright, Ashley Road
George Brown                              Farmer, Ensbury
Geo. Brown                                  Shopkeeper, Wallisdown
S. J. Brown                                   Pottery hotel, Newtown
John Budden                                Brick maker
John Budden                               Farmer
W. Bunday                                   Florist, Ashley Road
James Butler                                Farmer
W. Carter Kinson Pottery & Co.
H. Caws                                       Carpenter, Newtown
J. Chesterton                               Draper, Ashley Road
Uriah Cole                                   Farmer, Pitts Farm
Collins & Son                              General stores
H. Collins                                    Farmer, Highmoor
E. Cox Nurseryman,                   Ashley Road
H. Cox                                         Woodman tavern
Mrs. J. Crocker                           Grocer & post office, Highmoor
F. Crocker Baker,                        Heatherlands
W. Curtis                                     Grocer, Constitution Hill
Charles Cutler                             Farmer
G. Davis                                     Grocer, Newtown
J. Davis                                      Shopkeeper, Newtown
T. Davis                                      Farmer, Wallisdown
W. H. Draper                              Stone mason, Const. Hill
Mrs. A. Elliott                              Farmer, Cudnel
G. Fancy                                    Farmer, Newtown
G. W. Gallop                              Bootmaker, Wallisdown
S. Garland                                 Reg. births and deaths
C. George                                 Nurseryman, Ashley Road
C. Gillett                                    Contractor, Highmoor
C. Godwin                                 Grocer, Const. Hill
G. Good                                    Carpenter, Ashley Road
L. Hammerton                           Grocer
R. Harvey                                 Grocer
R. Hayward                              House agent, Ashley Road
A. W. Head                              Grocer & post office, Newtown
W. Head                                   House agent, Ashley Road
J. Hibberd                                Brick maker, Newtown
J. W. Hicks                               Carpenter, Ensbury
G. Higden                                Wheelwright
A. Howell                                 Grocer, Heatherland
Jones & Co.                             Blacksmith, AShley Road
E. Kellaway                              Grocer
R. Kempster                            Pork butcher, Ashley Road
Robert King                             Farmer, East Howe
Kinson Conservative
Club                                         F. T. Hayward, hon. sec.
F. C. Knight                             Grocer, Newtown
H. Laidlaw                               Farmer, Talbot village
Edwin Lane                             Bear Cross Inn
George Lee                             Gravel pits, Newtown
F. Legg                                    Brick maker, Talbot village
S. Lightfoot                              Draper, Talbot village
A. Milledge                              Grocer, Heatherlands
Mrs. M. Monk                          Coffee house, Newtown
S. Montgomery                       Surgeon & medical officer
H. G. Nippard                          Rural San. Hospital, Newtown
J. Osburne                              Farmer
W. Osmund                            Corn merchant, Ashley Road
Painter & Roper                      Kinson Steam Brick works
F. Phillips                                General dir., Newtown
Mrs. M. Pike                            King`s Arms, Highmoor
J. Powell                                 Brickmaker
G. J. Price                              Outfitter, Ashley Road
J. Pride                                   Beer retailer, Const. Hill
T. Purchase                            Grocer & Baker, Talbot Village         
 G. Rabbetts                           Bootmaker, Newtown
T. Ratten                                Butcher, Ashley Road
R. Redfearn                            Butcher
E. Ricketts                              Plumber, Ashley Road
George Rigler                         Market gardener, East Howe
S. Rose                                  Wheelwright
J. Salisbury                            Grocer
W. Scott                                 Contractor, Ashley Road
H. J. Sharp & Co                   Bourne Valley Pottery Co.
G. E. Sims                             Grocer, Talbot village
G. Slade                                Butcher, Ashley Road
J. Slade                                 Farmer, Highmoor
Mrs. M. Spencer                   Dolphin Public house
N. Spicer                               Beer retailer, Royal Oak
Edwin Still                             Grocer
A. Stacey                              Chimney sweeper, Ashley Road
G. Stockley                           Bootmaker, Wallis down
Mrs. J. Street                        Grocer, Const. Hill
S. Talbott                              Farmer, Ensbury farm
T. W. Tanner                        Baker Ashley Road
Harry Toms                          Shoulder of Mutton, West Howe
W. Tucker                            Sea View P.H., Const. Hill
G. Vincent                            Beer retailer, Newtown
C. U. Way                            Blacksmith, Newtown
T. J. Ways                           Livery stables, Ashley Road
J. Ware                                Carpenter
F. Wareham                         Farmer, High moor
J. Webb                               Carriage propr., Ashley Road
W. A. Welstead                   Carpenter
C. Zeaxley                           Pastrycook, Const. Hill

1889 - Kinson School

Jan 8, School closed in the afternoon in consequence of the room being used
for a Parochial Tea and concert.

Jan 25, Finished the 1st quarter of the School year - average attendance for
the period being 97.9.

April 8, Left School ten minutes before time in order to attend inquest on the
body of George Rabbitts who was drowned in the Millhams this morning.

Sept. 5, Head`s two children taken to hospital with scarlatina. School House
was fumigated on Sept. 9. (Area now Pound Lane car park.)

Sept. 23, Several children are at present away from school owing to infection
in the throat. Peculiar to this district during this time of year.


Kinson School was further enlarged. A small cottage next door was taken down.


Jan 5, Reopened school after a fortnight`s holiday, the weather still continues
so severe that very few of the young children are able to attend school.

March 11, a snowstorm commenced on Monday afternoon and before evening it had
developed into a blizzard, which continued all through the night and the great
part of next day. Great drifts of snow had accumulated in the roads around
(Kinson) school and on the premises.

July 7, Board Meeting. Several members visited school to inspect new building
now in progress.

Sept 4, Free education coming in force this week the apparent result is a
some what increased attendance. Notice was given to the children that their
parents could, if they desired, continue to send the fees as usual in order
that they might be deposited in the School Penny bank in the children`s names.

Oct. 2, Reginald Bartlett had his arm crushed between a cow and a gate post.
Charles Thomas Southwick had his toe severely hurt by a brick falling upon
it in the (school) playground.

Oct. 9, George Wright, a scholar was wading in the swollen stream below the
(Kinson) church and got into the current. He lost his balance and would have
been swept away had not another boy named John Reeks, caught him in time to
save his life.

Oct 23, the lower road to Longham has been impassable for some weeks and
children from that district are obliged to make a long detour in order to
reach (Kinson) school.

Dec. 24, Dr. Montgomery, Chairman of the Board, visited the school on Thursday
afternoon and presented the master & mistress with a marble timepiece, on the
occasion of them leaving Kinson to take charge of another school.


Feb. 17, very heavy snow storm. No teachers present and only about a dozen
children. Kinson school closed for the day.

Feb. 26, School closed at 3.30 - the room being required for an entertainment
in aid of "Cricket Club" funds.

June 29, School closed in the afternoon - Foresters` Fete at Longham.

July 13, Temperance Fete in the neighbourhood necessitated closing school in
the afternoon.

Sept.7, 5 boys absented themselves without leave to play at cricket by the
invitation of L. Abbott, a son of one of the Board members.

Nov. 24, funeral of Colonel (Godfrey) Russell necessitated closing school in the
afternoon. His wife was a great-grand daughter of Isaac Gulliver.

Infants. Registers not marked this afternoon. The funeral of Col. Russell, not
one child present at school time. All children having gone with their friends
to the church.


Jan. 16, Monday, miserable weather, very many (children) absent in consequence.

Jan. 23, The room was not swept this morning until nearly 9 o` clock. No teachers
present at time for opening school.

Jan. 24, Miss Newell (Pelhams) visited school for Scripture. Mrs. Lady Thompson`s
aunt visited in relation to giving needlework prizes.

Feb. 14, Shrove Tuesday. Very wet, several children absent.

March 30, Three boys punished for throwing stones at a teacher after school time
last night.

April 21, A new clock has been provided by the Board.

May 8, Stove fixed for "cooking" lessons in connection with County Council.

May 31, Review day at Bournemouth in connection with yeomanry visit for "engagement"
between the Hants & Dorset Yeomanry was planned for Kinson Village (June 1).

June 28, Two children admitted whose family are living in a tent on the "Common".

July 6, Royal wedding. All the children were presented with medals in commemoration.

July 13, Very heavy storm in afternoon - soon after opening school - accompanied
by heavy thunder claps and vivid flashes of lightning - which quite frightened
many of the children to crying.

Aug. 21, With regret, we report that during the holidays - a scholar - George
Wright was killed by being crushed under a waggon in Harvest: result of Inquest
"accidental death".

Sept. 5, Eight boys absent in afternoon - playing cricket without leave.

Sept. 25, attendance poor - acorn and potato picking.

Oct. 5, Funeral of Reginald Bartlett - late scholar in this school (6th std).
Children and teacher subscribed for wreath and at 3.45 - met the funeral and
proceeded to church where children sang a a hymn.

Dec. 12, Heavy gale sprang up in afternoon. Trees were blown down in many
places, tiles falling from roofs. Children dismissed at 3 o` clock -
attendance cancelled.


Jan. 8, Reopened school under very unfavourable circumstances. Hard frost with
snow. Consequently scarcely any children present.

Jan. 25, On opening school this morning the furniture was not arranged in order
- the room was used last evening for "Primrose League" concert. Also found two
desks broken since closing school yesterday. As this state of affairs often
occurs - have reported this to the Board officially.

Jan. 29, Lady Thompson visited and distributed prizes for girls for best
specimens worked in needlework.

Prize winners were: Annie Sutton, Emma Read, Kate Gibbs, Annie Cherritt, Fanny
Scott, Ada Cooke and Alice Cullen.

Feb. 12, Attendance keeps low. There is a great amount of sickness prevailing.

March 23, Good Friday - school closed.

March 30, School opened at 1pm and closed at 3pm - the room being required for
Cricket Club dance.

April 26, School room used in evening for meeting on "Parish Council" instruction.

May 2, Mrs. Ricks who attended to her usual duties of School cleaning yesterday
morning was found dead about 6.30pm. Verdict of Inquest, "Natural causes".

May 7, A Band of Hope meeting held in the evening during which through
carelessness - the large slate easel was entirely smashed.

June 20, There are about 20 children absent today, being East Howe Sunday school
"outing" to Brockenhurst. The time table will not be strictly kept today.

June 27, Children`s treat at Longham took nearly one half of number of children
on books away from school today.

July 18, Scarcely any children present today. Sunday School outing at East Howe
and Foresters` Fete at Longham. Attendance cancelled.

July 20, Day School treat in afternoon - given in Dr. Montgomery`s field (near
Cuckoo woods). Unfortunately heavy rain came just after Tea.

Aug. 23, Several absent - including two probationery monitors. Very wet and a
Flower show at Longham.

June 20, Faculty for dismantling present (Kinson) church leaving tower and
chancel and erection of new church on the same site.

Sept 3, Board meeting at 3pm. As many of the public were present, the children
were dismissed by order of the Board. Attendance cancelled.

Oct. 29, Very heavy rains. The floods are extensive.

Nov. 2, Workmen colouring and painting the schoolroom thereby causing great
inconvenience, was unable to carry on school work in afternoon. Children

Nov. 12, Very heavy storms - roads about the village completely flooded - some
children waded through with bare feet and are quite unfit to remain.

Nov. 14, School again closed. Floods are said to be higher than have been known
in the village for many years. Some families have been compelled to leave their
houses. Myself (headteacher) used bicycle to get from home (Pound Lane car park
today) to school.

Dec. 17,School rooms required for purpose of District & Parish Council elections.
School closed.


By 1895, the newly formed Kinson Parish Council were asking for a separate
School Board for the Parish of Kinson.

1895. Mr. Henry John Griffin and Mrs. Elizabeth Griffin, were the head-teachers
of Kinson School. Mr. Samuel Garland was laid to rest in Kinson on 7 February,
aged 76.

1895 - Kinson & district


Mrs. Bartlett                         Hillside cot., East Howe
Mrs. Clay                             Woodlands
Charles Cutler                     Ensbury
Henry Frampton                  High Howe House
David Ginger                       Ensbury
Edward Greenhill                Ensbury cottage
Henry Groves                     East Howe
Frederick Hayward             Oak villa
Samuel Montgomery          Eglington
Rev. P. S. Newell                Pelhams
Mrs. Russell                        Kinson house
Rev. A. M. Sharp                Vicar, East Howe


John Abbott                           Farmer, Cudnell
George Brown                       Farmer, Ensbury
Samuel Brown                       Farmer
Uriah Cole                             Pitt(s) Farm
Henry Curtis                          Dolphin public house
Charles Cutler                       Farmer
Mrs. Ann. Elliott                     Farmer, Cudnell
James Evans                         Farm bailiff, Ensbury
Edwin Fancy                         Haulier, East Howe
Samuel Garland                   Registrar of births & deaths
William Harding                    Farm bailiff
Henry King                           Shopkeeper
Kinson Conservative Club    Lord Wimborne, president
Mrs. Elizabeth Lane             Beer retailer, Bear Cross Inn
Emma Luther                       Laundress, East Howe q
Samuel Montgomery           Surgeon & medical officer
Leigh Marshall                     Bricklayer & coal dealer
George Marston                  Boot & shoe maker
Joseph Osburne                  Farmer, Head farm
Mrs. M. Pike                        King`s Arms public house,
Redfearn & Co.                   Butchers
George Rigler                     Market gardener
Edmund Short                     Cowkeeper
Henry Snelling                    Grocer, East Howe
Charles Spencer                 Farmer & dealer
Nathanial Spicer                 Beer retailer, Royal Oak
Charles Stembridge           Shoulder of Mutton, Wesat Howe
Samuel Talbot                    Farmer, Ensbury Farm
Harry Toms                        Shopkeeper, East Howe
Ebenezer Whatley             Baker, Kinson village
Thomas White                   Grocer, baker & Post office


1896 - GIRLS

Adlam, Blanch
Adlam, Lilian
Bartlett, Lucy
Boyt, Ethel
Calloway, Bertha. Left 1897.
Cherritt, Alice. Left 1902.
Longman, Ruth. Visitor.
Redhead, Winifred
Sutton, Maggie. Left 1904.

1896 - BOYS

Bartlett, Edward
Bateman, George. Readmitted.
Bateman, William. Readmitted.
Bateman Job
Budden, William. Readmitted.
Fancy, William. Left 1901.
Griffin, Harry. Master`s son.
Griffin, Percy. Master`s son.
King, Clement
Redhead, Frank
Sheppard, Charles
White, Sidney. Readmitted.


Jan. 16, Master absent by authority of Board. Attended Dorchester
Assizes as Plaintiff - Griffin v Hayward.

Result: Defendent withdrew all imputations - apologised -
and paid Plaintiff`s costs, viz - £96.

Feb. 3, Commenced Geography of Ireland with 1st class.

Feb. 7, School opened at 1 in afternoon and closed at 3. Room
required for Evening Class Annual Tea.

Feb.24, Rooms are a little cleaner this morning but tobacco fumes
are still evident and disagreeable. (Club supper on 20th.)

March 4, The number on Registers has considerably decreased - owing
to families leaving the village during the past two years.

April 2, Broke up for Easter holidays. One week.

April 13, Reopened with poor attendance.

April 20, Children dismissed about 1.30 when schoolrooms were required
for Tea meeting given by Lady Wimborne to mothers - when Parish nurse
was introduced. Fires discontinued: fine weather.

May 8, Dr. Montgomery visited and expressed his pleasure to give the
school children and mothers a Tea on Friday after returning to school
after Whitsuntide holidays.

May 22, Mr.Hayward, member of School Board visited and as usual did
not address any of the teachers, nor remove his hat.

June 3, H. Richardson Std 2 - absent keeping cows for S. Brown.

June 5, After afternoon school, the children went by invitation to
Dr. Montgomery`s field - and were given tea. Kinson Band performed
during evening. Many parents of children were present.

June 25, Heavy thunderstorm during dinner hour scarcely any children
present in Infant room. Registers not called.

July 3, Sunday School Treat by Vicar. Holiday in afternoon.

July 31, One month`s school holiday.

Aug. 31, Reopened school with only 2 children absent in Mixed department
- fair attendance in Infants room.

Sept. 4, School treat to all the Boards` schools at Heatherlands. Kinson
Village children conveyed to the ground by conveyance and kindly lent by
Mr. W. Abbott, J. Abbott and Mr. Elliott.

Sept 22, Heavy rains at opening time and during whole day. The few children
(26) mixed and infants who came were retained until weather abated some what.
Registers not called.

Oct. 5, Received order from Dr. Philpots M.O. of health to close for
whooping cough. School closed for one month.

Nov. 3, Dr. Montgomery visited and distributed prizes for regular attendance.

Nov. 23, Received Drawing award - "Good".

Dec. 1, Mr. Bishop (Board`s workman) doing repairs.

Dec 11. E.S. Mostyn Pryce H.M.I. visited school.
"The floor should be regularly washed at least once a month, and the rooms
should be thoroughly swept and dusted everyday."

Dec. 16, Usual work. General improvement in Reading noticeable.

Dec. 23, Wednesday. Broke up for Christmas holidays. Each child presented
with one orange. Holiday two weeks.

1896 - Kinson burial

Frederick Luther retired postmaster who once delivered letters by donkey
express was laid to rest at Kinson in March.


1897 - GIRLS

Adlam, Rhoda
Bartlett, Ethel. Readmitted.
Bartlett, Lucy. Readmitted.
Bowering, Alice. Left 1903.
Bowering, Edith
Bowering, Lily. Left 1903.
Bowering, Maud
Budden, Nelly. Left 1899.
Cherrit, Bessie
Dobson, Nelly. Visitor.
Dobson, Winifred. Visitor.
Fancy, Laura
Griffin, Edith. Master`s daughter.
Hand, Beatrice
Hand, Nelly
Longman, Ruth. Visitor
Mitchell, Ethel
Mitchell, Mabel
Richardson, Mabel. Left 1900.
Selwood, Annie
Shearing, Beatrice
Saunders, Rose. Readmitted.
White, Alice
White, Edith
Yeatman, May
Yeatman, Minnie 

1897 - BOYS

Arnold, Tom
Budden, Harry. Left 1899.
Carlyou, Clement
Coles, James
Crabb, Frank. Readmitted.
Daniells, Thomas
Griffin, Alec. Master`s son.
Jolliffe, Walter
King, Kennard
King, Percy
Riggs, Hedley
White, Harold. Left 1902.
Yeatman, Reginald


Jan. 11, Very good school. The rooms have been scrubbed - walls swept,
maps and pictures dusted and windows cleaned during holiday. The play-
ground is in wretched condition - which is always the case in wet weather.

Feb. 5, Heavy rain. Fllods cut off children from attending from Longham.
Not 20 present. Registers not called - children dismissed during break
in storms.

Feb. 23, Parish meeting held in schoolroom in the evening.

March 4, Heavy gales of wind and rain. Many trees blown down.

April 7, Mr. Chappel came to school in a very abusive manner respecting
some children throwing stones into his premises.

April 12, Received cabinet of objects - also new cupboard for object

May 12, Lit fires today, very cold winds.

June 1, Heavy storm at schooltime. In the whole school - only 48 children
were in attendance out of 113.

June 18, Closed school for "Jubilee Week". All children in the parish were
given a tea and a Jubilee mug on 23rd. Mrs. Russell entertained nearly 100
parishioners at Kinson House on 22nd. All adults in the parish were
entertained at a Meat tea on 23rd and sports were held.

July 12, Mr. Long S.A. officer visited. The attendance is bad, several
children being wanted in hay field.

July 30, Broke up for usual Summer holidays at 12.

Aug. 30, Reopened school with good attendance. Few absent. Harvest not
yet finished.

Sept. 22, The following children are absent "beating" game for Lord
Wimborne`s keepers - none of the lads are legally excempt from
attendance. P. Bartlett, G. Cherritt, H. Riggs, H. Richardson,
E. Cailes, F. Crabb and H.C. Cailes.

Oct. 8, Children assembled in afternoon at 3 and had tea. Then taken
to Dr. Montgomery`s field for games.

The following subscribed:

Col. Gardener       £1 0s 0d
Mrs Carlyou             10s 0d
Mrs Russell               5s 0d
Mrs Ginger                2s 6d
Mr Hogue                  2s 6d
Mr Elliott                    2s 6d
Mrs Elliott                  2s 0d
Miss Meakin              2s 0d

Mrs Spencer Milk
Mrs Brown Manor Farm, Milk & bread
Mrs Montgomery Butter & jam

Oct. 20, Dr. & Mrs. Montgomery - Mrs & Miss Carlyou - visited and
presented prizes to children for regular attendance during the

The following children having made not less than 380 attendances
out of 411 possible received prizes.

Alice Cullen (411), Albert Sweatland (409), Charles Scott (403),
Jack Montgomery (403), Bertha Calloway (400), Harry Cailes (399),
George Cherritt (397), Edward Jolliffe (396), Elsie Jolliffe (395),
Edith Sweatland (395), Walter Sutton (394), Tom Sutton ((390),
Herbert Richardson (389), Walter Jolliffe ((383), Tom Arnold (382),
Mary Arnold (382), Minnie Cherritt (381) & Herbert Jolliffe (380).

Nov. 1, Commenced New School year - 14 children admitted from
Infants school. All children with few exceptions were advanced
to higher standards.

Nov. 17, The following boys are absent being employed by Lord
Wimborne`s game keepers for "beating".

Frank Crabb, George Cherritt, W. Budden and H. Richardson.

Nov.29, Dr. Philpots, medial officer of health called yesterday
respecting "measles" epidemic.

This morning at 9.30 only 56 children were present in the whole
school - with 112 on Register.

Nov. 30, Order to close school until after Christmas received
from Dr. Philpots. Register were marked - but cancelled.

(School reopened Jan. 10, 1898.)


1898 - GIRLS

Arnold, Mary
Cherrit, Bessie
Derryman, Eliz
Hand, Elsie
Harding, Louisa
Harvey, Dorothy. Left 1903.
Hiscock, Elizabeth. Left 1901.
Legg, Ada Maud
Lush, Mabel
Lush, Olive. Left 1904.
Still, Gwendoline
Tripp, Annie. Left 1899.
Usher, Elizabeth. Left 1902.
Wareham, Dorothy. Left 1900.
Wren, Avril
Wren, Hilda. Readmitted.

1898 - BOYS

Bradford, John
Derryman, Arthur. Left 1902.
Griffin, Percy. Readmitted.
Harvey, Leonard. Left 1902.
Jolliffe, Herbert. Left 1903.
Miller, Alfred. Left 1903.
Usher, Thomas. Left 1903.
Wren, Benjamin. Left 1901.


Jan. 10, One scholar - Tom Arnold - died during holiday.

Jan. 12, Work commenced and register closed at 1 o` clock, the
room required at 3 to purpose for Football Club.

Feb. 22, During the night there was a very heavy snow storm.
This morning the roads are quite impassable. About half a
dozen children managed to get to school.

March 8, The examination in dictation last Friday show that
hand writing is above the usual standard, but that spelling
is rather weak.

March 10, Concert held in schoolrooms last night. The rooms
were not cleaned for work until 9.30.

March 11, Drill instructor as usual. The weather being very
cold - drill was taken in schoolroom.

March 15, Board meeting at Kinson Heath.

March 17, Men called and repaired school stove, also completed
the fixing of iron fence round boys` play ground.

April 6, Received intimation from Board that the school would
close at noon tomorrow (Thursday) for the Easter holiday (one

April 18, Reopened school. Several children not returning -
Kings (5) have left the village - Annie Cherritt, Maude
Bowering, A. Cullen and C. Griffin, all left for work.

April 21, Gave instructions for discontinuance of fires -
except in case of a wet day - during the next few weeks.

INFANTS SCHOOL 1898 (extracts)

April 28, A very wet morning: 22 present. Children taught in
classroom by fire.

May 20, Friday morning at school as usual myself - a very
damp morning: schoolroom cold. 33 present.

June 20, One fresh boy admitted. 44 present. Many children
have bad coughs.

July 11, Monday. Attendance fair. Cards for Arith & other things
ordered 2 month`s ago wanted badly.

July 12, An accident happened today. Hilda Spencer fell down
with a pencil in her hand and it penetrated her neck. I took
her home then went with her mother to the doctor. I am afraid
it will be serious.

July 22, Friday. No school in afternoon. Holidays - four weeks.

Aug. 22, Attendance fair. Ethel Sheppard asked leave to be
absent during mornings of this week owing to domestic reasons.

Hilda Spencer the little girl who met with an accident on July
12 died in the holidays.

Aug. 31,Steam round-about &c in field opposite school; attendance
not quite so good in consequence.

Sept. 15, Knitting not taken this morning. All needles cleaned

Oct. 3, Minnie Jane Bevans commenced duties as mistress of the
Infants` department.

On the same day, Mr. Thomas Bevans took over the duties of headmaster
from Mr. Griffin who had resigned.

Nov. 1, Commenced work of New School year this morning. Seven children
sent into mixed department. Number on books now 44.

Dec 12, Inspector`s report for School Year ended Oct.31 1898 (extract).
"Infants` school. Reading is pretty good, spelling is very backward
subject and mental arithmetic is slow and uncertain. Object lessons
and occupations are pretty good."

Dec. 16, Ethel Sheppard, monitress,left this morning.

Dec. 19, Mabel Lush commenced work as monitress this morning.

Dec. 22, School closes today (noon) for Christmas holidays, to
reopen Jan 9 1899.

KINSON SCHOOL RECORDS held at the County Archives in Dorchester

For anyone interested in visiting the Archives, the following list
is included, for those who might wish to see some of the old records
for themselves. It is likely not every school record up to recent
times has been deposited for safe-keeping.

SC 1
Kinson School 1834 to 1857, Accounts for Day and Sunday Schools
1834 to 1852 at back: Minutes of School Committee 1834 to 1835.
List of names under Williams` and Weare`s charities 1842 to 1857.

SC 2
Lists of subscribers to Day and Sunday Schools, 1834 National
School 1836.

SC 3
Insurance policy on School House (Fire and Life Insurance Co)

SC 4
Bills and receipts for Day & Sunday Schools, including Penny
Club 1837 to 1842.


(Extracts, also other information included.)

1898 May 11

Parish meeting was held in Schoolroom in the evening, where the
following resolution was passed: `That in the opinion of this
Parish meeting considering.

(a) The Parish of Branksome has been separated from Kinson for
every other purpose.

(b) That Kinson Village school is four miles from the other
board schools in the united district, and is cut off from
Branksome by a wide tract of Common.

(c) That a large majority of the members of the School Board
live in the urban part of Branksome, and practically ignore
Kinson on the account of the distance, and consequently there
is a lack of proper supervision.

(d) That the Chairman and the majority of the members of the
United School Board are strongly in favour of the separation,
there is a real need of a separation of the Kinson Village
from the United District of Kinson and Branksome.`

1898 Oct. 3

Mr. Thomas Bevans took over the post of Headmaster from Mr.
Griffin who had resigned.

He very quickly set about improving the Elementary subjects,
Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. In those days, results were
generally poor, Slowly but surely, under the guidance of Mr.
Thomas Bevans, things began to improve to be a real credit
and an asset to Kinson.

In the early days, especially in the 1890`s, school treats
given by the local gentry seriously interferred with school
attendances not forgetting also, the Longham and East Howe
Sunday School treats. Inclement weather which caused floods
in the area, also tended to disrupt school attendances.

As well as the local gentry visiting the school, the vicar,
A.M. Sharp, frequently called to distribute the attendance
certificates given by the Church Council to Evening School
scholars. He also paid the teachers` quarterly payment of
£2 for giving the Religious Instruction.


A parent, Mrs. Wren, sent a letter to school saying, `Ben
was not well and that she thought he was pressed too much
with his lessons.`

On the last day of the school year there were 58 scholars
at Kinson School. 24 boys and 34 girls. By November, the
numbers had risen rapidly to 77 names on the register.


1899 - GIRLS

Bartlett, Eva
Dart, Ethel. Left 1903.
Derryman, Edith
Dovey, Ella. Left 1901.
Fancy, Rose
Hardy, Jessie
Harvey, Ethel
Luther, Clara
Phillips, Alic. Left 1901.
Phillips, Dora. Left 1900.
Rose, Maud
White, Florence
Wright, Molly

1899 - BOYS

Arnold, Edward. Left 1902.
Brown, Ernest. Left 1900.
Cutler, Bertie
Dovey, Archie
Dovey, Leonard
Earney, Arthur. Left 1902.
King, Percy. Left 1902.
Lush, Eugene
Mitchell, Alfred
Matcham, Charles
Mitchell, Bertie
Pardy, George
Phillips, Arthur
Richardson, Charlie
Soper, Willie
Sweatland, Fred
Token, Sidney
Tharme, Bertie. Left 1901.
Tizzard, Victor. Left 1900.
White, Oscar
Wren, Bertie

1899 March 13

When a H.M. Inspector visited the school, he wrote in one
of his reports, `slate pencils of the proper length should
be supplied by the School Board and not by the children.`

1899 Oct. 4

Four boys, A. Dovey, L. Dovey, A.Sweatland and H. Cailes,
were employed to assist Lord Wimborne`s gamekeeper.
A. Sweatland was employed a second time for the purpose
of beating on a pheasant shoot.

Many young scholars had to lend a hand at the local farms,
for the purpose of getting in the harvest or even fruit


1900 - GIRLS

Brewer, Annie
Cailes, Nelly
Cherrett, Nelly
Cherritt, Lizzie
Cole, Gerty
Fancy, Lily
Gipson, Elizabeth. Left 1900.
Gipson, Mary. Left 1900.
Hallett, Ethel
Hardy, Hester
Nippard, Edith
Rose, Lily
Soper, Lily
White, Hilda
Wright, Elsie

1900 - BOYS

Hand, Willie
Hiscock, George. Left 1901.
Jolliffe, Ernest
Joyce, Harry
Legg, Cecil
Nippard, Bertie
Plaskett, Charlie
Sweatland, Ernest
Talbot, ERnest
Tharme, Edgar. Left 1901.
Tizzard, Oscar. Left 1900.

1900 Jan. 9

Heavy winter snowfalls greatly affected school attendance.

1900 April 2

Miss M. E. Ford, late of Sturminster Marshall, arrived. She
was to stay at Kinson for 38 years, a remarkable feat which
is unlikely to be bettered in the future!

1900 Oct. 1

One boy and a girl named, Jessie Hardy, were each given two
strokes of the cane for playing truant.

1900 Nov. 23

The following items were received from Brights Limited of
Bournemouth; the Holburn attendance summary for the mixed
school, 2.5 dozen each of the following copies of ` The
Merchant of Venice` and `The Soldier`s Dream`.

1900 Nov. 29

The following order was received; half dozen figured hankies,
2 dozen yards of striped flannelette, 1 dozen yards of holland,
1 dozen yards of calico, 8 ozs of natural coloured wool, 12 ozs
of black wool.

1900 Dec. 3

Three boys were caned, they were, E. Jolliffe, W. Jolliffe and
Tizzard. (They went home during the playtime on Friday afternoon
without permission.)

1900 Dec. 20

The School register shows that 20 children made 400 attendances.
Over seven attended every session and were awarded a silver medal.
They were, Annie Sellwood, Laura Fancy, Lily Fancy, Alice White,
Edith Nippard, Molly Wright, Harold White and Willie Fancy.

1903 March

Three cases of scarlet fever were confirmed among Kinson scholars.

1903 May 18

Attendances at the school were poor. The local farmers in the village,
who were engaged in dairy-farming, advised parents to keep their
children away from school. The Medical officer closed the school for a
period of two weeks. It re-opened again on June 8

1903 July 13

Half-holiday was given to the children, so that they might attend a
treat given by Mr. Van Raalte Esq. Mayor of Poole.

1903 Nov. 6

97 children on the book of the mixed department.

1903 Dec. 23

Mr. Hayward, one of the managers, gave his usual present of oranges to
the children. Prizes and medals for good attendance, were distributed
at the entertainment given by the children.

1904 Aug. 31

No school in the afternoon on account of school treat given by the hon.
Mrs. Fortescue.

1904 Dec. 16

Miss Ford absent this week, attending exam for her Cambridge Senior

1905 Jan. 13

106 children on the School register.

1905 March 3

Three cases of diphtheria in the district - one fatal.

1905 March 20

The Managers closed the school on account of mumps.

1905 July 31

Minor faculty (Kinson church), installation of clock in church
tower as a monument to Queen Victoria.

1905 Sept. 11

Commenced work after an interval of five weeks, the extra week being
given on account of necessary repairs to the school (Messrs Williams
& Cutler).

1905 Nov. 3

At the commencement of the afternoon, was obliged to administer
punishment, one stroke with the cane on each hand and one across the
back, to a scholar, Gordon White, for throwing his dinner at Miss Ford.

He was then sent home and was told that he would not be readmitted
until he had begged for his very bad behaviour.

1906 March 30

The Headmaster found one of the iron standards of one of the new desks
broken. After making enquiries he ascertained that it was done on
the previous evening by members of the Temperance Society whilst
practising for an approaching entertainment.

1906 Sept. 6

Bertie Nippard, aged 13 years, is engaged in agriculture. He is
therefore excempt from further education.

1907 Jan. 11

110 scholars on the books, 49 boys and 61 girls.

1907 Jan. 18

Lizzie Cherrett and Fred Shearing left aged 13 years.

1907 Feb. 4

Called to the premises this morning 7am by the caretaker owing
to the stove pipe being overheated, some paper charts hanging
close by had caught fire. These were completely burnt, also the
copy of the attendance byelaws. Museum cupboard and table also
damaged (T. Bevans.)

1907 Mar. 1

Attendance far from good. Our position on the County list for
East Dorset is now 44th. Whereas it once stood at 13th.

1908 July 27

Sir Richard Glyn and Col. Churchill visited the school this
morning and inspected the outside doors and west boundary
of playground.

1908 Dec. 10

Faculty, Kinson church. Stained glass window in memory of
Isaac Fryer of Kinson.

1909 Feb. 26

Half-day holiday given in the afternoon to enable gas company
to lay gas on the school premises.

1909 March 2

Gardening class - 7 pupils enrolled.

1909 Aug. 31

125 scholars on the books.

1909 Nov. 21

Former Vicar of Kinson, Rev. Egerton F. Daniell, died at Sully,

1910 Dec. 20

Two girls excluded on account of verminous heads. Reported same
to Dr. Robinson.

1911 - Kinson village and district


E. Bousfield                   Hillside, East Howe
J. C. Collins                   Kitscroft, Ensbury
Comdr. J.P.P. Coote      Howe lodge
E. A. Elliott                     Woodlands
Mrs. Elliott                     Cudnell
D. L. Ginger                   Ensbury
A. W. Henry                   Ensbury vicarage
T. W. Hogue                  Ashridge, Ensbury
W. D. Johns B.A.          West Howe
W. C. Keevil                  Eglinton
Malcolm Lamb
F. Ling                           Ensbury
Miss McCheane            Skye creek, Ensbury
C. Millican                     Ensbury
Maj. L. Parke J.P     .    Ensbury manor
Rev. A. M. Sharp M.A.  Pelhams
G. S. Sherry                  Hygeia, West Howe
C. Vaughan                  The Abies
Miss Whitaker               Brookside
J. Whitnall


J. Abbott Farmer,          Cudnell
Tom Arnold                   Smith
Reg. Atkins                   Farmer, Kinson farm
S. Brown                       Farmer, West Howe
W. T. Burden & Co.      Brick makers, West Howe
G. Burt                          Farmer, East Howe
H. A. Eaton                  The Dolphin P.H.
H. Edwards                  Shopkeeper, West Howe
E. A. Elliott                   Farmer & brick maker,Woodlands
H. Evetts                      Market gardener
E. Fancy                      Brick maker, East Howe
F. Ferris                       Smith
A. H. Game                 Van & cart builder, Bear cross
W. Harding                  Grocer, Ensbury
W. Hunt                       Farmer, Ensbury farm
J. Jeffery                     Market gardener, Ensbury
W. D. Johns B.A.        Surgeon, West Howe
H.J. Keeping               Grocer, East Howe
Kinson Conservative
Club                            G. Bartlett, sec.
Kinson Liberal
Club                            Pascoe Marshall, sec.
Malcolm Lamb            Surgeon & medical officer
F. Lane                       Beer retailer,Wheelwright, Bear cross
W. Messenger            Beer retailer, Royal Oak
J. Miller                       Butcher, East Howe
J. Pile                         Bailiff, Water Lane farm
W. Saunders              Shoulder of Mutton P.H.
Mrs. F. Scott              Coal dealer
J. Smith                      Music teacher, East Howe
Mrs. E. Spencer         Shopkeeper
E. Still                         Farmer, Pitts farm
H. Toms                     Shopkeeper, East Howe
A. Walden                  Baker
G. Watts & Sons        Nurserymen, Ensbury
Thomas White Sons  Bakers, Post office
H. Young                   Market gardener

Kinson Village Post
Office Miss Florence L. White, sub-postmistress


1911 Mar. 3

88 scholars on the books.

1911 June 16

Closed today for Coronation Week.

1911 July 19

Half-holiday granted. Kinson Garden Fete.

1911 Aug. 29

17 children admitted from infants.
Miss Bailey is in charge of Class 3.
Miss Ford is in charge of Class 2.
The first class under the supervision of the Head Master.

1911 Oct. 21

Minor faculty (Kinson church). Installation of a heating system.

1912 March 20

10 scholars were taken to Durbar Pictures in Bournemouth.

1912 Sept. 20

93 scholars on the books.

1912 Nov. 18 - Admitted

Jack, Fred and Max Bennett, sons of Charles Bennett,
Olympic champion.

Full names:

William John Lewis Bennett
Charles Frederick Lewis Bennett
Thomas Max Bennett

1912 Dec. 6

H.M.I. report. There is a small lending library.
The surface of the girls playground has been asphalted
and the boys playground gravelled.

1913 July 16

H.M.I. report. `Improvements are sought to the ventilation.`
The eight years old are too large for their desks.

1913 December

Regular attendance certificates were distributed for the
year ending 31 July 1913. The school was opened 418 times.
9 children attended full-time and 10 scholars made 97%.
Eva Hardy had not missed for 10 years.
Edward Hardy, Daisy Still and Victor Merrifield, not missed
for 5 years.

1914 March

Freehold farm with farmhouse and buildings known as Pitts
Farm, once owned by Isaac Gulliver, offered for sale.

1914 July 27

H.M.I. Gardening Report.

1) Part of the Headmaster`s garden is laid out as a school
garden in nine simple plots. The teacher is a visiting
professional gardener.

2) The practical work is fairly satisfactory but the boys
know nothing of the principle underlying their work.

3) The notes are scanty and untidy. No plan of the garden
could be found on the day of inspection and the boys had
no notions of its area or its dimensions.

4) The garden tools are rusty and in very bad order.

5) The Headmaster should exercise a much closer and more
effective supervision over the garden work. At present
it is left almost entirely to the practical gardener, who
naturally knows nothing of the Educational aspect of school
gardening and whose discipline is very weak.

6) The scheme of garden work should be prepared by the Head,
and it should show how the gardening is to be connected with
the ordinary lessons.

7) Cropping schemes for the plots should also be laid down,
after the merits of various plans have been fully discussed
in class.

1914 Sept. 1 - Admitted

Hilda Lena Lewis Bennett, daughter of Charles Bennett.

1914 Sept. 7

9 children left by order of the Managers, transferred to
East Howe, to prevent overcrowding.

1914 - Oct. 13

Walter Evelyn Parke was killed in action in France.

1914 Nov. 20

84 children on the Roll.

1915 - Kinson Village and district


T. W Blake M.D.           Ensbury
Miss R. H. Brooke        The Thatched House
H. H. Budd                    Elmbrook
J. Caddey                     Ensbury
E. Chalk                       Garfield, Ensbury
Capt. J. C. Collins        Howe Lodge
E. A. Elliott                   Woodlands
Mrs. Elliott                    Cudnell
G. P. Hallowes             East Howe
H. Hayward-Mills         The Hydes
A. W. Henry                 Ensbury vicarage
T. W. Hogue                Ashridge
Jesse James               Meadow view, Ensbury
W. D. Johns B.A.         West Howe
W. C. Keevil                Eglinton
Miss Lees                    Red cottage, Ensbury
F. Ling
H. Marshall                  Ensbury
C. Millican                   Ensbury
D. J. Parry-Crooke      Kinson cottage
C. A. W. Russell          Kitscroft
G. A. B. Saulter           Ensbury
Rev. A. M. Sharp M.A. Pelhams
G. S. Sherry                 West Howe
J. Tracy                       Churston
J. G. Turner
C. Vaughan
Miss Whitaker             Brookside


E. J. Alner                  Beer retailer, Bear cross
Reg. Atkins                Kinson farm
C. Bennett                 Market gardener, Holt lodge
T. Blake M.D.             Surgeon, Ensbury
S. Brown                    Farmer, West Howe
H. H. Budd                 Medical officer
W. T. Burden & Co.    Brick makers, West Howe
G. Collins                    Nurseryman
H. A. Eaton                The Dolphin P.H.
H. Edwards                Shopkeeper, West Howe
E. A. Elliott                 Woodlands, Brick & pipe Manufacturer
Ensbury Growers Ltd Ensbury farm
E. Fancy                     Brickmaker, East Howe
A. H. Game                Van & cart builder, Bear cross
T. Gray                       Blacksmith, Longham
W. Harding                 Grocer, Ensbury
J. Jeffery                    Market gardener, Ensbury
W. D. Johns               Surgeon, West Howe
H. J. Keeping             Grocer, East Howe
Kinson Conservative
Club                           G. Bartlett, sec.
Kinson Liberal Club   Pascoe Marshall, sec.
Mrs. L. Marshall         Refreshment rooms, Ensbury
Wm. Messenger        Beer retailer
Peers & Co. Ltd         Market gardeners, Ensbury
Mrs. P. Petty              Farmer, Cudnell
J. Pile                        Bailiff, Water Lane Farm
Wm. Saunders          Shoulder of Mutton P.H.
B. Scadding               Smith
Mrs. F. Scott             Coal dealer
Mrs. Ena Spencer     Shopkeeper
E. Still                        Pitts farm, Cudnell
H. Toms                    Shopkeeper, East Howe
A. Walden                 Baker
G. Watts & Sons       Nurserymen, Ensbury
Mrs. Gus White         Draper
Thomas White          Bakers and Post Office
& Sons

1915 - Kinson School

1915 Jan. 13

Lady dentist visited and examined children`s teeth.

1915 March 4

This afternoon, at the time for assembling, half the scholars
were taken for a ride in a military Red Cross motor van. They
arrived in school an hour late. Communicated with the Chairman
of the Managers and kept them at school an hour later!

1915 Aug. 30 - Admitted

Reginald Lionel Lewis Bennett, son of Charles Bennett.

1915 Sept. 3

99 on the  School`s books.

1915 Sept. 25

John Aubrey Parke, missing at the Battle of Loos.

1915 Oct. 1

Holiday for potato picking.

1916 March 10

Sgt. Butson present. Attendance percentage only 59% caused
through bad weather, mumps and children excused attendance,
being engaged in farm work.

1916 March 27

School closed until April 7, epidemic of mumps.

1916 Oct. 15

By order of the Managers, October 9 - 13 was given as holidays,
with the idea that the children might be engaged in gathering
in the potato crops.

1917 March 9

Heavy snowfall overnight and snow still falling. The children
were dismissed at 11.30 am.

1917 Sept. 20

Miss Fergusson arrived at school this afternoon. After the
children were in their places, she proceeded to give out
the needlework materials, but was asked to stop and get the
inkwells, but Miss Fergusson was asked not to proceed until
the ink was collected. After this was done, Miss Fergusson
was asked a child to give out work, but I (Thomas Bevans)
requested her to continue it herself.. as she had commenced
it. She said `I shan`t`.

1918 Jan. 14

Poor attendance. Snow on the ground.

1918 Feb. 11

Miss E. B. Gibbs UC, commenced taking charge of Junior Class
3 Standard 2.

1918 April 19

90 scholars on the books. 4 away on war work.

1918 May 17

Empire Day. The Reverend Pole addressed the children on the
greatness of the British Empire. School closed at noon for
the Whitsun holidays.

1918 Sept. 9

Holiday in the afternoon for blackberry picking.

1918 Nov. 11

Re-opened school. Attendance poor as children are engaged in
potato picking.

1918 Dec. 3

Holiday in the afternoon so that children might go to
Bournemouth to view the tank assembled there for `Victory
Bond Week`. 

Kinson Village School

Former pupils of Kinson School who served in the Great War.

Pte. Arthur Bartlett                     Hants Regt, B.E.F. France.
Pte. Bertie Bartlett                     Dorset Regt, dec.
Pte. William Albert Bartlett         Dorset Regt, dec.
Pte. George Cherrett                  A.S.C., Cyprus.
Pte. William Cherrett                  Hants Regt, B.E.F. France
Dr. Frank Crabb                         A.S.C., B.E.F. France
Pte. Arthur Frederick Derryman Wilts  Regt, dec.
Pte. George Earney                   Dorset Regt, dec.
Pte. Ernest Hand                       R.D.C., England.
Pte. George Jeffery                   Dorset Regt, dec.
Sergt. Charlie Jolliffe                 Bedford Regt, India.
L. Corpl. Ernest Jolliffe              Hants Regt, I.E.F.Mes, dec.
Corpl. Herbert Jolliffe                Dorset Regt, India.
Pte. James Jolliffe                    R.N.
Stoker Walter Jolliffe                Torpedo Boat.
Pte. Thomas Legg                    Dorset Regt, dec.
Pte. B. Lush                              Dorset Regt, dec.
Harry Mitchell                           O.S. R.N.    dec.
Pte. Montague Mitchell            Hants Regt,  dec.
Dr. Arthur Phillips                     R.F.A., India
Gnr. Albert Sidney Rabbitts     Royal Garrison Artillery, dec.
Pte. Jack Reeks                      Norfolk Regt, E.E.F., Egypt.
Pte. Albert Slack                     Hants Regt,  dec.
Pte. William Slack                   Hants Regt,  dec.
Pte. William Soper                  Dorset Regt.
Sergt. Charles Southwick       London Regt, dec.
Pte. Montague White              Hants Regt, I.E.F. Mes,  dec.
Pte. Oscar White                    M.G.C.
Pte. Sidney White                  R.F.A., France.

KINSON SCHOOL FROM 1919 to August 31 1936


1919 May 2

T.L. Bevans, student teacher, commenced, having transferred
from Talbot Village.

1919 Jul. 18

School closed today so that children can attend a tea and
sports to celebrate Pence Day.

1919 Sep. 5

101 scholars on the books.

1920 Feb 26

H.M.I. report, paragraph (e) `Of late, there has been much
more traffic on the road in which the school is situated.
There is exceptional need, therefore, for training the
children to fix their attention on the work in hand.`

1920 Aug. 31

Ruth White, a scholar was informed during the holiday that
she had won a junior scholarship offered by Dorset County

1920 Sept. 2

The children exhibited the produce from their plots at
Kinson Flower Show. Prizes were awarded to four.

1921 Jan. 11

Miss Elsie Gray, P.T. was transferred to the mixed depart-
ment by agreement.

1921 June 29

Horticultural Instructor`s Report. `Visited Kinson School
Gardens and found them in a good condition. Grafting in
some cases has been done very successfully.`

1921 July 27

Diocesan exam conducted by the Reverend Clutterbuck.

1922 Jan. 13

90 scholars on the books.

1922 Feb. 8

1, Edith Mary Millard, a trained certificated (supply)
mistress, commenced my duties here as Head Teacher
during the absence through illness of Mr. Bevans.

1922 Feb. 28

By order of the King, on account of `The Royal Wedding`
a whole days holiday was given.

1922 May 11

14 dual desks of various sizes received from East Howe
Council School. Two are useless, the seats are off and
in one case, the seat is missing and are out in the

1922 Nov. 2

Mr. R. Atkins, School Manager, visited the school this

1922 Nov. 15

School closed - used as a Polling Station.

1923 Feb. 16

The staff attended an adjourned meeting of the Magistrates
of Wimborne this morning re the Eaton case. The parent was
summoned for non-attendance of his four children at school
and stated that the children were `knocked about`. This
was entirely denied by Head Teacher, and the parent who
did not attend the adjourned meeting was fined and teachers

1923 Feb. 20

H.M.I. Inspector, Mr. C.D. Pawle, concluded in his report,
paragraph (8), `The arrangements for teaching are
unfavourable in the Main room. 72 children being taught
by two teachers in this room with recognised accommodation
for 63.`

1924 Jan. 7

93 scholars on the register.

1925 March 5

School closed, used as a Polling Station for the Election
of Guardian.

1925 Sep. 21

Standard 5 transferred to East Howe Council School today.

1925 Nov. 11

Armistice Day observed in school. Half-holiday given

1926 Sep. 10

54 scholars on the register.

1926 Sep. 23

H.M.I. Miss M. S. Ryan visited. The school now contains 3
classes and the children over 11 years of age attend a
neighbouring Council school.

1927 Oct. 19

Holiday granted on the occasion of the Prince of Wales
visit to Bournemouth.

1928 April 25

This afternoon while Class 2 were having physical exercises,
Ronald Day, one of the scholars, fell down and hurt his
arm. It was thought that no bone was broken and he was not
sent home.

1928 April 26

Ronald Day absent today. His father took him to the doctor
this morning. His arm is now in splint and bandaged.
Further examination is to take place under x-ray.

1928 July 26

Ordinary work ceased about 3pm today. The Managers met at
school to bid farewell to retiring teachers, Mr. Thomas
Bevans and Mrs. Symes (late Miss Gibbs).

1928 Sep. 3

This day, I Lillian M. Ward, commenced duties as Head mistress
of this school, in place of Mr. & Mrs. Bevans, resigned.
Amalgamation of the Junior Mixed and Infants` Departments dates
from today. Miss Eileen Stanton, certificated assistant,
commenced her duties this morning.

Re-organisation of classes as follows:

Head Teacher Clases 1, 2 & 3
Miss Bracher Class 4
Miss Ford Class 5
Miss Stanton Classes 6 & 7

Provisional scheme and time tables drawn up.

1928 Oct. 15

Mr. Harding from the Educatiuon Office visited at 10.45 am with
Mr. Andrews, Attendance Officer to make arrangements for the
attendance of a number of children from the East and West Howe
gypsy encampments. These children had been refused admittance
at East Howe School. The attendance officer helped to prepare
a room in readiness for the afternoon session.

25 children were admitted in the afternoon and put under the
charge of Miss Bracher.

1929 March 19

School closed this afternoon on the occasion of the visit of
H.R.H. Duke of Gloucester to Bournemouth.

1930 Feb. 3

School classes re-arranged.

Class 1 Miss Ward
Class 2 Miss Bracher
Class 3 Miss Hutley
Class 4 Miss Stanton
Class 5 Miss Ford

150 Scholars.

1930 Oct. 6

9 children applied for admission today - but all were refused
as the number on the books is 181. A letter of explanation was
sent to the Director of Education.

1931 April 1

School transferred to County Borough of Bournemouth.

1931 April 29

Holiday on occasion of the extension of the boundary.

1931 Dec. 4

H.M.I. Walter Asten wrote: `The general accomodation consisting
of the old school and the.. room appear to one`s mind, as tending
to handicap considerably and is a bar to that supervision so
essential in modern school.`

1932 April 4

Re-organisation as follows:

Class 1ab Miss Ward
Class 2ab Miss Stanton
Class 3ab Mrs. Watton
Class 4ab Miss Hutley

Class 5 Miss Ford
Class 6 Miss Wilson

1933 Jan. 9

H.M.I. Newman wrote: `Considering all the difficulties of premises
as well as changes in organisation and school population (largely
migratory in this neighbourhood) the present condition of the
school is highly creditable and fully bears out the promise of the
last report.`

1934 Feb. 1

H.M.I. W. Austen wrote: `New school must be provided without fail
this year, if justice is to be done to scholars and teachers.`

1935 May

Holiday in connection with `Silver Jubilee` celebrations
(6 8 May).

1935 May 23

H.M.I. W. Asten wrote, `Expected to find new school buildings
commenced and greatly disappointed that no sign exists thereof.`

1935 Sep. 2

School re-opened after the holiday. New School year in future
to commence on August 1.

Classes re-organised as follows:

Class 1 Miss Ward
Class 2 Miss Stanton
Class 3 Miss Hutley
Class 4 Miss Ford
Class 5 Miss Wilson
Class 6 Miss Allen

1935 Nov. 6

Holiday granted on the occasion of the marriage of H.R.H. Prince

1936 Jan. 28

No school on the occasion of the funeral of King George 5th.

1936 April 21

H.M.I. Mr. F.A.B. Newman wrote in his report (Paragraph 3),
`As regards to staff, though numerically adequate, only one
of the assistants is certificated. None the less, considered
as a whole, they form a good band of earnest workers who
would, doubtless, under the Head Teacher`s inspiration develop
the  school`s  activities  and  usefulness  still  farther  if  the
circumstances of awkward and congested premises did not debar

1936 July 31

School closed for Summer Holiday, after which the school will
be transferred to the new building in Poole Lane (now renamed
School Lane).

1936 Aug. 31

Official date for handing over the old building to the Church

NEW SCHOOL - Poole Lane, now renamed School Lane

1936 Aug. 31

Official opening by his Worship the Mayor of Bournemouth
at 2.45 pm.

Order of Proceedings

The members of the Council and the Education Committee met
in one of the west classrooms and proceeded to the main
entrance where the Mayor formally opened the building.

The Mayor, accompanied by Members of the Council and the
Education Committee proceeded to the Assembly Hall, where
there was a large gathering of parents and other visitors.

The National Anthem was sung, followed by a short service
conducted by the Vicar of Kinson, Reverend R.E.A. Lloyd.

The Mayor, Alderman H. G. Harris J.P. on behalf of the
Council handed over the School to the Education Committee.

The Mayor, accompanied by the Head Teacher, and members
of the Council and the Education Committee, and visitors
inspected the new premises.

The Mayor and other guests left the school at 3.30 pm and
proceeded to East Howe for the opening of the new Junior
and Infants school there.

1936 Sept. 1

First assembly of scholars.

Accomodation: 8 x 50 = 400.


Head Teacher Miss l. M. Ward
Class 1 Miss M. Manning
Class 2 Miss E.M.A. Stanton
Class 3 Miss M.R. Hutley
Class 4 Miss M. Allen
Class 5 Miss E.M. Wilson
Class 6 Miss M. E. Ford

1936 Dec. 13

By order of the Director of Education `The Proclamation`
was read by the Head Teacher to the junior scholars at
11.50 - 12.00.

1936 Dec. 23

Afternoon free activities. The juniors enjoyed a postal
history and the infants a christmas tree in the hall.

1937 Jan. 11

School re-opened. Epidemic of whooping cough was responsible
for many absences.

1937 May 11

Infants tea party on the occasion of the Coronation of
their majesties King George 6th and Queen Elizabeth.
Distribution of beakers to the Juniors and Infants.

1937 June 20

Folk dancing at the Town Hall. 2 classes entered country
dancing, singing games, the latter securing a certificate
of merit.

1937 Aug. 30

School re-opened, staff as follows.


Form 4 Miss Stanton
Form 4b Miss Taylor
Form 3 Miss Manning
Form 2 Miss Allen
Form 1 Miss Hutley


Class 1 Miss Wilson
Class 2 Miss Ford

1938 Feb. 8

A party of children (70) left school at 9.45 am to see
the film `Victoria the Great` at the Moderne Cinema,

1938 June 30

Miss M. Ford retired from duties today after serving for
38 years at Kinson School.

1938 to 1939

Staffing - Juniors

Form 4 Miss Stanton
Form 3 Miss Manning
Form 2 Miss Breton
Form 1 Miss Hutley

Staffing - Infants

Class 1 Miss Hedley
Class 1b Miss Allen
Class 2 Miss Lawrence
Class 3 Miss Wilson

1939 July 25

A.R.P. Wardens visited all day to inspect gas masks.

1939 Aug. 31

School closed by order of Education Committee.

1939 Sept. 1

Staff and helpers on duty in connection with Government
Evacuation Scheme - Kinson School being a reception
centre. Unfortunately D.O.E. advised no evacuees were

1939 Sept. 2

Staff on duty. A party of 96 evacuees from Southampton
arrived during the afternoon and were billeted in the

1939 Sept. 11

School re-opened. Kinson children attend 9 - 12.30.
Evacuees 1.30 - 5 pm. They came from Boxford Road
Junior Girls and Chestnut Road Junior Boys.

1940 Jan. 4

The Southampton staff with the exception of 2 members
have been recalled for Home service.

1940 May 31

Children dismissed at 4 pm, Head Teacher having received
notice that the school would be required by military
authority. School closed for scholastic purposes until
June 12. Occupied by evacuated French troops, June 4
(2 am) to June 6 (noon).

1940 Sept. 3

By order, school times: Morning 10 - 12.30 - Afternoon
2 pm - 4.30 pm.

1941 Feb 21

War Weapons Week. Amount collected during the week by
the School`s saving group was £346 16 0d.

1941 to 1942

Staffing - Juniors

Form 4 Miss Stanton
Form 3 Miss Hutley
Form 2 Miss Odell
Form 1 Miss Breton
Form 1b & Class 4: Miss White

Staffing - Infants

Class 3 Miss Elphick
Class 2 Miss Wilson
Class 1 Miss o` Reilly

1942 to 1943

Aug. 3

Staffing - Juniors

Form 4 Miss Hutley
Form 3 Miss Dufall
Form 2 Miss Breton
Form 2b Mrs Miller

Staffing - Infants

Class 3 Mrs. Willis
Class 2 Miss Wilson
Class 1 Mrs. Redstone

1943 March 19

Book Drive during the past fortnight. 5336 books.

1943 April 25

Education Committee and the Director visited in
connection with the erection of Morrison shelters.

1943 May 4 to 7

Inspection of gas masks by A.R.P. Wardens at Pelhams.

1943 May 8 to 15

`Wings for Victory Week`

1943 May 15 - 16

Owing to disturbed nights attendance was below average
on the mornings of 15 and 16. Latecomers were marked
at 9.30 as instructed.

1943 May 22 to 26

`Salute the Soldier Week`

1943 May 26

Short ceremony in the hall at 2.30 pm. 3 soldiers took
the salute as children marched past. `Guard of Honour`
composed of children who belonged to various organisations.

1943 to 1944

Sept. 1

Staffing - Juniors

Form 4 Miss Breton
Special Miss Willis
Form 3 Miss Hutley (temp)
Form 2 Miss White
Form 1 Miss Beech

Staffing - Infants

Infants 3 Miss Hart
Infants 2 Mrs. Redstone
Infants 1 Miss Matthews

1944 to 1945 - School Year

Aug. 28

Staffing - Juniors

Form 4 Miss Breton
Form 3 Miss Willis
Form 2 Miss Hicks
Form 2b Miss Perry
Form 1 Miss White

Staffing - Infants

Infants 3 Miss Hart
Infants 2 Mrs. Redstone
Infants 1 Miss Matthews

1944 Dec. 20

Christmas party. `Punch and Judy`.

1945 April 1st

From 1st April 1945, under the provision of the
Education Act 1944, the former provided Elementary
Schools are to be known as County Primary Schools.

1945 May 8
V.E. Day holiday.

1945 May 9
V.E. Day holiday.

1945 July 5
General Election - School closed.

1945 July 13

Afternnon - good behaviour - holiday granted.
Victory Party at Pelhams for children aged 5 - 14.

1945 July 27
Blast wall removed.

1945 to 1946 - School Year

Sept. 10

Staffing - Junior

Form 4 Miss Breton
Form 3 Miss Willis
Form 3b Mrs. Rogers
Form 2 Miss Perry
Form 1 Miss White

Staffing - Infants

Infants 3 Miss Perno
Infants 2 Mrs. Redstone
Infants 1 Mrs. Hilliam

1945 Oct. 10
Harvest thanksgiving, gifts and money sent to Boscombe

1946 March 5
Miss Ward absent - fractured tibia.

1946 July 18
School sports held in the field.

1946 to 1947 - School Year

Sept. 10

Staffing - Juniors

Form 5 Miss Willis
Form 4 Miss Perry
Form 3 Mrs. Rogers
Form 2 Miss Breton
Form 1 Mrs. Barrett

Staffing - Infants

Class 3 Mrs. Redstone
Class 2 Miss Perno
Class 1 Mrs. Tidmarsh


Joan Penny appointed as clerical assistant.

1947 to 1948 - School Year

Sept. 9

Staffing - Juniors

Form 5 Miss Willis
Form 4 Miss Breton
Form 3 Miss Perry
Form 2 Mrs. Rogers
Form 1 Mrs. Barrett

Staffing - Infants

Class 3 Miss Gray
Class 2 Mrs. Redstone
Class 1 Mrs. Tidmarsh

1948 to 1949 - School Year

Staffing - Juniors

Form 5 Miss Willis
Form 4 Miss Breton
Form 3 Miss Perry
Form 3b Mrs Rogers
Form 2 Miss Poole (Hall)
Form 1 Mrs. Barrett

Staffing - Infants

Class 3 Miss Gray
Class 2 Mrs. Redstone
Class 1 Mrs. Tidmarsh

1949 March 14
New Dining Room centre opened.
Joint Infants and Junior session.

1949 to 1950 - School Year

Sept. 13

Staffing - Juniors

Class 10 Miss M. Willis
Class 9 Miss A. Breton
Class 8 Mr. L. J. Budden (new member)
Class 7 Mr. Windell
Class 6 Mrs. E. Barrett
Class 5 Miss K. Perry

Staffing - Infants

Class 4 Miss P. Ward (Hall - new member)
Class 3 Miss W. Gray (Hall)
Class 2 Mrs. J. K. Redstone
Class 1 Mrs. Tidmarsh

Supernumeracy - Miss C. E. Poole

1950 March 31
Bournemouth`s Golden Jubilee. holiday granted.

1950 June 16
Junior Sports at Pelhams.

1950 to 1951 - School Year

Sept. 12


Class 10 Girls Miss Willis
Class 10 Boys Mr. Budden
Class 9 Miss Breton
Class 8 Mr. Windell
Class 7 Miss Clarke
Class 6 Mrs. Roberts
Class 5 Miss Tornley
Class 4 Mrs. Redstone
Class 3 Miss Gray
Class 2 Miss P. Ward
Class 1 Mrs. Tidmarsh

Supernumeracy - Miss Poole

10 classrooms
1 Hall class

1951 to 1952 - School Year

Sept. 11


Class 12 Mr. Budden
Class 11 Miss Willis
Class 10 Mr. Windell
Class 9 Miss Webb
Class 8 Miss Clarke
Class 7 Mrs. Roberts
Class 6 Miss Puckett
Class 5 Miss Chance
Class 4 Miss Pitman
Class 3 Mrs. Redstone
Class 2 Mrs. Steers (nee Ward)
Class 1 Miss Saint

Supernumeracy - Miss Poole

Class 10 in Hall
Class 8 in Dining room (adjustment class).
The following members of staff commenced
duties today:

Miss E. Chance
Miss R. Pitman
Miss M. Webb

1952 Feb. 15

Special Co. Service to his late Majesty King George 6th.
2 minutes silence as observed at 2 pm.

1952 June 11
Received key of new annexe. 4 classrooms - `Hillside`.

1952 to 1953 - School Year

Sept. 16

Staffing - Juniors

4 Miss Willis
4P Mrs. Sage
3 Mr. Budden
3P Mr. Windell
2 Mrs. Roberts
2P Miss Webb
1 Miss Clarke
1P Miss Parratt

Staffing - Infants

Infants II
6 Miss Saint
5 Miss Chance

Infants I
4 Miss Pitman
3 Mrs. Redstone

Infants R (reception)
2 Mrs. Keeling
1 Mrs. Hughes

Extra: Miss Poole

Mrs. M. L. Sage appointed for the School year.
Mr. Windell resumed duties, July 7th.
Miss Marlene Harris commenced duties as clerical assistant.

1952 Sept. 15
Mr. Smedley visited re erection of 4 classrooms.

1952 Dec.1st
Mr. E. Thomas commenced duties as caretaker.

1953 March 25
Visit of Mayor and Mayoress, Alderman H. Benwell and Mrs. Benwell.

1953 June 9
Coronation tea party for Infants in the hall and dining

1953 June 15
Junior visit to the Moderne Cinema to see `A Queen is

1953 July 27
Open session. Approximately 420 parents/ friends visited.

1953 - September
Mr. Arnatt, road warden, transferred to town duty.
Scholars now directed by Police on main road.

1953 to 1954 - School Year


Form 5 & 3a Miss Willis
4 par Mrs. Sage
3 & 2a Mr. Budden
3 par Mr. Hall
2 Mr. Windell
2 par & 1a Miss Webb
1 Mrs. Roberts
l 1par Mrs. Fazey (Hall)
1 Miss Parratt

Class 6 Mrs. Keeling
Class 5 Miss Chance
Class 4 Miss Pitman
Class 3 Mrs. Redstone
Class 2 Mrs. Taylor (nee Hughes - Reception)
Class 1 Miss Saint (Reception)

1953 Nov. 30
Visit of Baptist church to inspect buildings with a view to hiring.

1954 to 1955 - School Year

Sept. 14


Form 4 Miss M.L. Willis
Form 4P Mr. L.J. Budden
Form 3 Mrs. H. Gould
Form 3P Mr. R. Hall
Form 2 Mr. N.K. Windell
Form 2P Miss M.J. Webb
Form 2 TR. Mrs. M.L. Sage
Form I Miss J.M. Collins
Form IP Mrs. K.J. Roberts
Form I TR. Miss B.J. Barnes

Infants 6 Mrs. P. Keeling
Infants 5 Mrs. J.K. Keeling
Infants 4 Miss E.C. Chance
Infants 3 Miss R.L. Pitman
Infants 2 Miss B.M. Saint
Infants 1 Mrs. L.E. Taylor

Miss Poole (supernumeracy - half-time)

1954 Nov. 2

Half-holiday granted by Mayor. Freedom of the Borough to
Alderman F.B. Summerbee. Head Teacher attended for function
at the Pavilion.

1954 April 6
Excavator at work in the Kinson Road this past fortnight
has caused great disturbance in lesson periods.

1955 July 6 - Organisation

836 pupils, 17 classes with class sizes in brackets
as follows:

Form 4 Miss Willis(47)
Form 4P Mr. Budden (44)
Form 3 Mrs. Gould (51)
Form 3P Mr. Hall (44)
Form 2 Mr. Windell(49)
Form 2P Miss Webb (46)
Form 2TR Mrs. Sage (49)
Form 1 Miss Collins (52)
Form 1P Mrs. Roberts (50)
Form 1TR Miss Barnes (48)

Class 6 Mrs. Keeling (55)
Class 5 Mrs. Redstone (55)
Class 4 Miss Chance (49)
Class 3 Miss Pitman (46)
Class 2 Mrs. Oates (50)
Class 1 Mrs. Owens (50)

Reception Mrs. Kane (51)

17 classes.

1955 July 20
Many parents visited to see Class 6 performance of Sleeping Beauty.

1955 Oct. 19
Serious flooding in Dining room and playgrounds.

1956 to 1957 - School Year

Sept. 11 - Clarification - 14 classes

Form 4 Miss Willis
Form 4P Mr. Budden
Form 4tr & 3tr: Mrs. Roberts
Form 3 Mrs. Gaull
Form 3P Mr. McCabe
Form 2 Mrs. Hawkins
Form 2P Mrs. Sage
Form 2tr & 1P: Miss Collins
Form 1 Mrs. Keeling
Form 1tr & Class 5: Mrs. Redstone

Infants 4 Mrs. Oates
Infants 3 Mrs. Gambier
Infants 2 Miss Merreff
Infants 1 Miss Jane

Visiting teachers: Mrs. Masters - half-day every day,
Mrs. Morris - teacher of the deaf,
Miss Abelson - speech therapist.
Miss Lambert - violin (Saturdays).
Kitchen staff: Mrs.Revell & 4 assistant dining room helpers.
Caretaker, Mr. Thomas & 4 assistants.
Clerical assistant, Miss J. Lamb.

1957 to 1958 - School Year

Sept. 10

Form 5 Miss Willis
Form 4P Mrs. Gould
Form 4 Miss King
Form 3 Mr. Budden
Form 3P Mrs. McCabe
Form 3tr Mrs. Sage
Form 2 Mrs. Hawkins
Form 2P Miss Collins
Form 2tr Mrs. Dealey
Form 1 Mrs. Keeling
Form 1P Mrs. Redstone

Class 4 Mrs. Oates
Class 3 Mrs. Gambier
Class 2 Miss Merreff
Class 1 Miss Jane ((reception)

Appointment of Miss King.
Appointment of Mrs. Dealey (on supply).
Appointment of Miss J. Harris, clerical assistant.
Mrs. Masters - half-time teacher.
Mrs. Crossley
Miss Abelson - speech therapist.
Miss Dutton - health visitor.
Miss Lambert - violin tutor.

1958 Jan. 20
Visit of Education officers to meet 3 representatives
of the Kinson Throop Cricket Club.

1958 to 1959 - School Year

Sept. 9

Form 4 Miss M.L. Willis
Form 4P Mrs. P.M. Hedges
Form 4tr Mrs. R.P. Clamp
Form 3 Mr. L.J. Budden
Form 3P Mrs. E.C. Philpot
Form 3tr Mrs.M.L.Sage
Form 2tr Mrs.M.L. Sage
Form 2 Mrs. B.J. Hawkins
Form 2P Miss J.M. Collins
Form 1 Mrs. P.L. Keeling
Form 1P Mrs. K. Redstone

Class 4 Mrs.K.L. Oates
Class 3 Mrs. R.L. Gambier
Class 2 Mrs. A.J. Merreff
Class 1 Mrs. E.J. Davies

Mrs. Masters - half-time teacher.
Miss Abelson - speech therapist.
Miss Lambert - violin tutor.
Miss Dutton - health visitor.

1959 March 15
The death of Mrs. Keeling is greatly regretted by the
Staff and children. She was a very fine friend and
colleague & gave excellent contribution to the School.

1959 April 13
Head Teacher and Deputy Head present at the official
opening of Oakmead Girls School.

Kinson Village 1959

Local shops and services offered in Kinson.

Wimborne Road - south side
From the junction of East Howe Lane proceeding into Kinson.
Some properties were numbered, others only had house names.

Dr. Dobbyn (Nithsdale)
Mrs. Hoole (Greycot)
Gordon Valentine (Shack Nurseries)

1396 Keith Butt (Kitscroft) Builder

1406 Eglington House Nursing Home


1428 R.H. & M.R. Hopper - fruiterers
1434 Lloyds Bank Ltd
1436 C.G. Weeks - gramophone record dir.
1438 Dr. J.J. McAuley - surgery
     Mr. P.A.W. Brown - dental surgeon
     Goodwood Stores  Grocer

1442 Parkstone & B`m`th Co-operative Soc. Ltd

1446 Stella May - ladies` hairdresser

1450 Mrs. Janet Midgeley - tobacconist
     F. Taylor - grocer
     R. Jackson - boot maker

1464 W.A. Downton - ironmonger

1468 Douglas Freeman - butcher

1470 John Broomfield - toy dir.

1470A Barclays Bank Ltd

1472 A.C.G. Bird - fruiterer

1472A W. Hurrell - cafe
      David Shelton - Barclays Bank House
      Lloyds Bank Ltd

Here is Kinson Road
Wimborne Road - south side

Kinson Garage Ltd
Tom Manton & Co. Ltd - turf commission agents

Bank Buildings
4. Edgar Smith - tobacconist
3. Bendix - self service laundrette
2. Edgar C. Beament - butcher
1. Douglas John Meekings - Dolphin Fisheries

Here is Poole Lane (now School Lane)

The Dolphin Hotel
Kinson Bakery
J.V. Bridgewater - cafe

Here is Poole Lane
Wimborne Road - south side

Sydney Docker - turf commission agent

Here is Oxford Lane
Wimborne Road south side

1A Albert Head - hardware dir.
1. Kinson Stores - grocers
2. S.M. Bradbury - ladies` outfitter
3. Dolphin Garage
3. Herbert`s corn & seed store

Here is Durdells Avenue
Wimborne Road - south side

Dr. Peter Baron - (St. Agnes)

Past Roundhaye Road
Wimborne Road - south side

Summerhays Nursing Home

Wimborne Road - north side
Here is Kinson Grove

Robson & Son (B`m`th) Ltd - grocers

1537 Kinson cycles & Babyland

Here is Horsham Avenue

Wimborne Road - north side

Grand Parade
1. Herbert Packer - antique dir.
2. Rt. Warren - ladies` outfitter
3 & 4 Harold Warne Boddy - chemist

5. Kinson Conservative Club
   (hon. sec. N.J.C. Beacham)

6/7 Kinson Service Station
6/7 Royal Oak Public house
    Douglas G. Murton

Wimborne Road - north side cont`d

White cottages
1. Mrs. Feast
3. Arthur J. Fletcher
4. Mrs. Fletcher

The Assembly Hall (The Lodge)
Kinson Fisheries (The Lodge)
T. White & Sons (Kinson) Ltd - bakers
Kinson sub-post office
(Miss F.L. White - postmistress)
C.H. Forward - Breton house

Millhams Road & Pound Lane
Wimborne Road - north side

Bournemouth Public Library
(Kinson branch)

Here is Home Road
Wimborne Road - north side

1621 Cyril Ford Kemsley - grocer

Wimborne Road - north side
1647 Miss N. Dingle - chiropodist
1671 Alfred Lawton Turner - vet. surgeon
     (branch surgery)   

1959 to 1960 - Kinson School Year

Sept. 9

Form 4 Miss M.L. Willis
Form 4P Mr.L.J. Budden
Form 3 Mrs. E.C. Philpot
Form 3P & 4tr: Mr. R.J. Bartos
Form 2 Mrs. P.M. Hedges
Form 2P Mrs. M.L. Sage
Form 1 Mrs. E. Crosby
Form 1P Mrs. K. Redstone
Form 3tr Mrs. R.P. Clamp
1tr & 2tr: Miss J.M. Collins

Class 5 Mrs. K. Masters
Class 4 Mrs. R.L. Gambier
Class 3 Mrs. E.E. Deeley
Class 2 Mrs. J.D.E. Ryrie
Class 1 Miss E.J. Davies

Part-time - Mrs. K. Masters.
Speech training - Miss Abelson.
Violin tutor - Miss Lambert.
Health visitor(s), Miss Arlett? & Miss Caffell.
Cook supervision - Miss White.

1960 June 16
Miss M.L. Willis was appointed as Headmistress to date
from September 1, 1960.

1960 July 15
Presentation to the retiring Headmistress.

1960 July 19
Appointment of Mr. Budden as Deputy Head.

1960 Aug. 31
Today, I Lilian M. Ward, terminate my duties as Head

1960 Sept. 1
Today, I Margaret L. Willis, took up my duties as Headmistress.

1960 Nov. 28
Damage to windows by intruders airgun? Reported to police and Education officer.

1961 May 30
Report by caretaker that the school had been entered - no damage, a number of
fountain pens missing. Reported to police.

1961 June 1
Miss P. Bromley appointed clerical assistant.

1961 Sept. 12
Hot water installed in Boys cloakroom & Head Teacher`s cloakroom.

1961 Nov. 13
Mr. Morris, Road warden terminated his duties.

1961 Nov 27
Reported wanton damage to goal post, windows and flag staff during weekend.

1962 March 19
Drainage of Playing Field begins.

1962 May 14
Damage reported at Hillside during Sat May 12. Window broken, 12 fountain
pens missing.

1962 June 5
Visit of Mr. Peters, Parks, concerning Playing Field.

1962 July 5
Windows broken at Hillside by air gun pellets.

1962 July 13
Windows shattered by airgun pellets. Police informed.

1962 to 1963 Sept. 11 - Staffing

Form 4 Mr. Budden
Form 4P Mrs. Sugg
U.T Miss Tucker
Form 3 Mr. Bartoss
Form 3P Mr. Owen
Form 2 Mrs. Ballard
Form 2P Mrs. Oates
Form 1 Mrs. Redstone
Form 1P Miss Ainger

Class 5 Miss Gambier
Class 4 Mrs. Ryne
Class 3 Mrs. Clamp
Class 2 Mrs Rogers
Class 1 Miss Collins

Mrs. Crossley appointed as p/t teacher.
Miss Green appointed as uncertificated teacher for 1 year.

1962 Sept. 22
Visit of Councillors Bicknell & Spicer.

1962 Nov. 16
Redecoration of Hall completed.

1963 Jan. 7
Reopening of School postponed owing to deep snow and icy roads.

1963 Jan. 14
School reopened.

1963 Feb. 6
Owing to chaotic road conditions only two members of staff were present at 9.00 am.
All present at 10.00 am.

1963 July 12
Damage to two large windows by airgun pellets.

1963 to 1964 Sept. 9 - Staffing

Form 4 Mr. Budden (D. Head)

Form 4P Mrs. Smith
Form 4tr Mrs. Hawkins
Form 3 Mr. Owen
Form 3P Mr. R. Ridout
Form 2 Mrs. Oates
Form 2P Mrs. Ballard
Form 1 Mrs. Redstone
Form 1P Miss Ainger

Class 5 Mrs. Gambier
Class 4 Mrs. Ryne
Class 3 Mrs. Clamp
Class 2 Mrs. Rogers
Class 1 Miss Collins

Miss Lindsley appointed as supply teacher.
Mrs. Masters & Mrs. Crossley - half-time teachers.
Miss Abelson - speech therapist
Mr. Joseph - violin tutor.

1963 Sept. 9
Illegal entry to two infants classrooms.Much wanton damage to floor and furniture.
Five windows broken at Hillside.

1963 Oct. 22
Roof of Hillside declared unsafe. Form 2P removed to vacant classroom.
Milk lorry knocked down brick pillars, Boys playground.

1964 May 11
Primary Education sub-committee met at the School. Tea was served. Members later
visited classrooms.

1964 June 2
New room for secretary completed.

1964 July 21
Mr. Budden absent.

1964 July 24
Mr. Budden absent. School closed for Summer Holidays.

1964 July 27
I regretfully record the sudden death of Mr. Leslie Budden, Deputy Head. He was a most loyal colleague and respected by all.

1964 to 1965 Sept. 8 - Staffing

Form 4 Mrs. Smith
Form 4P Mr. Ridout
Form 3 Mr. Owen
Form 3p -
Form 2 Mrs. Oates
Form 2P Mrs. Hawkins
Form 1 Mrs. Ballard
Form 1P Miss Ainger

Transition Mrs. Redstone
Class 5 Mrs. Gambier
Class 4 Mrs. Ryne
Class 3 Mrs. Clamp
Class 2 Mrs. Rogers
Class 1 Miss Collins

Mrs. Masters & Mrs. Crossley - half-time teachers.
Mrs. Cox - teacher of French.

1964 Sept. 21
Miss Moore,supply teacher, joined the staff in charge of Form 3P.

1964 Nov. 19
Damage to School and caretaker`s windows (vandalism).

1965 Jan 21
Mr. J. Tucker appointed Deputy Head.

1965 to 1966 - Sept - Staffing

Form 4 Mrs. Smith
Form 4P Mr. Owen
Form 3 Mr. Tucker
Form 3P Mr. Ridout
Form 2 Mrs. Oates
Form 2P Mrs. Hawkins
Form 1 Mrs. Ballard
Form 1P Miss Ainger
Transition - Mrs. Redstone

Class 5 Mrs. Baker
Class 4 Mrs. Gambier
Class 3 Mrs. Clamp
Class 2 Mrs. Rogers
Class 1 Miss Collins

Mrs. Masters & Mrs. Crossley - part-time for remedial.
Mrs. Frampton - French.
Miss S. S. Hunt - college student.

1966 April 26
School reopened. School premises damaged during previous weekend. 17 panes of glass

1966 May 2
Further damage to windows. 8 panes of glass broken.

1966 July 15
School closed for the Queen`s visit to Bournemouth. 100 children taken to King`s Park.

1966 July 22
Mrs. Redstone retired after 24 years at Kinson School.

1966 to 1967 - Sept 6 - Staffing

Form 4 Mr. Tucker
Form 4P Mrs. Bruckshaw
Form 3 Mrs. Smith
Form 3P Mr. Ridout
Form 2 Mrs. Oates
Form 2P Mrs. Monaghan
Form 1 Mrs. Mattherman
Form 1P Miss Holland
Transition - Miss Payne

Class 5 Mrs. Clamp
Class 4 Miss Robson
Class 3 Miss Green
Class 2 Mrs. Rogers
Class 1 Miss Collins

Remedial work - Mrs. Masters & Mrs. Crossley.
French - Mrs. Frampton.

1966 Oct. 5
Dining Hall flooded. Fire brigade called to clear the water.

1966 Nov 14
Hillside entered - wanton damage. Police visited 3.45 pm.

Fire brigade called to school at 9.15 pm. One classroom gutted. Attempted entry to Head
teacher`s room - glass panel of door broken. Much damage caused by smoke and water.

1966 Nov. 15
Chief Education officer called at 8.50 am to view extent of damage. Class 4 transferred
to spare classroom. Visits from Police, Press, BBC & ITV.

1967 to 1968 - Sept 5 - Staffing

Form 4 Mr. Tucker
Form 4P Mr. Brand
Form 3 Mrs. Smith
Form 3P Mr. Ridout
Form 2 Mrs. Oates
Form 2P Miss King
Form 1 Mrs. Monaghan
Form 1P Mrs. Bruckshaw

Transition - Mrs. Newlands.
Remedial work - Mrs. Masters & Mrs. Crossley.
French - Mrs. Frampton.
Teachers aux. - Mrs. Fearnhead.

1967 Oct. 17
Dining Room flooded.

1967 Nov. 13
Earlier closure during winter months, 3.20 pm Infants and 3.50 pm Juniors.

1968 March 23
Opening of Kinson Village Green. As it was a wet day - maypole dancing & reception took
place at school. Deputy Mayor, Chairman of Parks committee & invited guests. The gift of
a maypole promised by Councillor. H. Heath.

1968 March 24
Attempted entry Hillside.

1968 May 1
Maypole dancing on Kinson Village Green at 3.30 pm.

1968 Sept 10.
Mrs. McFarlane & Mr. Ingall joined the staff.

1969 March 11
New maypole delivered.

1969 May 1
Presentation of maypole to Kinson School by Councillor Heath on Village Green at 3.30 pm.

1969 June 9
Kinson Baths open - 1 period for each Junior class.

1969 July 7
Official opening of Kinson Baths, 3.30pm.

1969 to 1970 - Sept. 9 - Staffing

Form 4T Mr. Tucker
Form 4S Mrs. smith
Form 3K Miss King
Form 3S Mrs. Shepherd
Form 3J Mr. Jones
Form 2B Mrs. Bruckshaw
Form 2I Mr. Ingall
Form 1N Mrs. Newlands
Form 1B Miss Baker

Class 5 Miss Payne
Class 4 Miss Robson
Class 3 Miss Murray
Class 2 Mrs. Oates
Class 1 Mrs. Latchem

1969 Dec 8
Mr. Wilkins appointed Deputy Head.

1969 Dec. 29
Mr. Tucker appointed Headmaster of Tiptoe School, New Milton.

1970 March 16
Funeral of Kevin Maidment killed in road accident. Mrs. Newland and Head Teacher attended.

1970 July 2
Miss King appointed Deputy Head of Summerbee Junior.

1970 to 1971 - Sept 8 - Staffing

Form 4W Mr. Wilkins
Form 4S Mrs. Smith
Form 4K Miss King
Form 3J Mr. F. Jones
Form 3S Mrs. Shepherd
Junior transition - Mrs. Crossley

Form 1B Mrs. Bruckshaw
Form 1I Mr. Ingall
Form 1N Mrs. Newlands
Form 1B Miss Baker

Class 5 Mrs. John
Class 4 Miss Robson
Class 3 Miss Murray
Class 2 Mrs. Oates - Head of Dept. (Infants).
Class 1 Mrs. Latchem

Remedial part-time - Mrs. Masters & Mrs. Erbetta.
Teacher aux. - Mrs. Parks & Mrs. Ellis.

1970 Sept. 16
Paul & Lorraine Hampson knocked down on Warden`s crossing - Wimborne Road.

1971 March 15
School daubed with black paint - obscene remarks on dental caravan.

1971 June 10
Stream in flood - a potential danger to children using bridge.

1971 to 1972 - Sept. 7 - Staffing

Form 4W Mr. Wilkins
Form 4S Mrs. Smith
Form 4K Miss King
Form 3S Mrs. Shepherd
Form 3J Mr. F. Jones
Form 2I Mr. Ingall
Form 2N Mrs. Newlands
Form 1Br Mrs. Bruckshaw
Form 1B Miss Baker

Class 6 Mrs. John
Class 5 Miss Murray
Class 4 Miss Robson
Class 3 Mrs. Bailey
Class 2 Mrs. Oates - Head of Dept. (Infants).
Class 1 Miss Davies

Remedial p/time teachers - Mrs. Masters, Mrs. Crossley, Mrs. Erbetta.
Teacher aux. - Mrs. Parks & Mrs. Ellis.

1972 Jan. 31
Heavy snow. All staff delayed by road conditions.

1972 Feb. 18
New electrical installations.

1972 March 9
Miss Key, Head of Bournemouth School for Girls,and members of Education committee visited.

1972 March 12
Head teacher invited to Education Sub committee meeting re: public path across school grounds.
Project met with disapproval.

1972 March 14
Illegal entry. 2 classrooms Hillside, trivial items taken. Police informed.

1972 March 14
Visit of Form 1 to farm at Oakmead School.

1972 March 15
School again entered - much disturbance but nothing taken. Police informed.

1972 May 10
Windows smashed by vandals.

1972 June 15
Maypole & Country dancing - parents invited.

1972 to 1973 - Sept. - Staffing

Form 4W Mr. Wilkins - Deputy Head
Form 4S Mrs. Smith
Form 4K Miss King
Form 3B Miss Baker
Form 3J Mr. Jones
Form 2N Mrs. Newlands
Form 2I Mr. Ingall
Form 1B Mrs. Bruckshaw
Form 1S Mrs. Shepherd

Class 6 Mrs. John
Class 5 Miss Murray
Class 4 Miss Robson
Class 3 Mrs. Bailey
Class 2 Mrs. Oates - Head of Infants Dept.
Class 1 Miss Davies

Remedial p/time - Mrs. Crossley, Mrs. Erbetta, Mrs. T. Sheppard.
Teacher aux. - Mrs. Parks & Mrs. Ellis.

1972 Nov. 20
School closed - Royal Silver wedding.

1972 Dec 21
Resignation of Head Teacher, Margaret L. Willis.

1973 Jan. 1
I John H. Miles took over as Headmaster of this school.

1973 Feb. 6
Parents meeting at the school attended by over 250.Formation of Kinson Primary School Parents` Association.

1973 March 26
Top year at Leeson House for week`s visit. Mr. Wilkins, Miss Baker, Mrs.Potts and student from Weymouth College accompanying them.

1973 March 28
Headmaster at Leeson House for day.

1973 March 29
Mr. Ingall and class at Leeson. Day visit.

1973 April 10
School closed at 12 noon for football and netball tournaments.

1973 April 12
School closed for first County County elections for new Dorset authority.

1973 June 7
School closed for first District Council elections under scheme for Local Government reorganisation for 1974.

1973 June 14
Country Dance Festival at school coupled with Parents` bring & buy sale. £90+ raised for Parents` Funds.

1973 July 19
Junior Sports held on field.

1973 to 1974 - Sept. 4 - Staffing

Class 1 Mrs. Bruckshaw
Class 2 Mrs. T. Shepherd
Class 3 Mrs. Newlands
Class 4 Mr. Ingall
Class 5 Mrs. John
Class 6 Miss Murray
Class 7 Miss Robson
Class 8 Mrs. Smith
Class 9 Mrs. Potts
Class 10 Mrs. Oates
11? Mrs. Brito
Class 11 Miss King
Class 12 Mr. Jones
Class 13 Mr. Priest
Class 14 Miss Baker

1974 Feb. 16
(Saturday) Parents` Barn Dance at school.

1974 Feb. 22
School closed for extended half term. To be whole week instead of 2 days due to fuel shortage and General Election on Thursday 28 Feb.

1974 April 1
Bournemouth transferred into Dorset. The followinghave been appointed as Managers of the school from 1 April.
Mr. P.T. Weaver, Mr. M.J. Sturge, Dr. R.H. Lake, Mrs. A. Fergusson-Powell, Mr. J. Portman, Mr. R. Keniston.

1974 June 8
First School Fete held in grounds, weather fair but windy. Profit of £280+.

1974 July 17
Swimming gala at Kinson Baths.

1974 to 1975 - Sept. - Staffing

4th Year: Miss King & Mr. Jones
4th/3rd year: Mr. Priest
3rd Year: Mrs. Potts
3rd/2nd: Mrs. Smith
2nd year: Mr. Ingall & Mrs. Newlands
1st year: Mrs. Shepherd & Mrs. Bruckshaw
1st year
Top Infants: Mrs. John
Top Infants: Mrs. Grinnell
Lower Infants: Miss Robson

Reception: Mrs. Adamson & Miss Murray

Head: Mrs. Oates

Remedial: Mrs. Erbetta f/t
Remedial: Mrs. T. Shepherd p/t

Autumn term: Mrs. Finnemore for Music

1974 Sept. 9
Mrs. Oates who is acting Deputy Head for 1 year during the secondment of Mr. Wilkins to Weymouth College.

1974 Sept 11
Managers` meeting held in the school.

1974 Oct. 7
Hillside classrooms at weekend. Small items stolen. Police informed.

1974 Oct. 10
School closed for General Election.

1974 Oct. 14
Windows at Hillside broken and electric light bulbs smashed.

1974 Oct. 21
Windows at Hillside broken and electric light bulbs smashed. Police informed. Airgun pellets damaged the bulbs and shades. Protecting screens wrenched from windows.

1974 Oct. 28
Called to School by Police at 9 pm. Headmaster`s office and Secretary`s room had been entered and an attempt had been made to remove safe from wall. Value of theft £1.50. Intruder apprehended.

1975 Jan. 15
Managers` meeting at School.

1975 Feb. 24
Top Year group to Leeson House for one week with Mrs. Oates, Mr. Priest and Mr. Bartram.

1975 March 11
Break in to School discovered by Mr. Wiffen this morning. Sony tuner, amplifier and Philips speaker taken. Entry gained by glass being cut and window opened.

1975 March 19
Musical Production `Oliver`. Performances for parents and on 20 & 21.

1975 April 1
Break in to School. Many keys taken.

1975 April 28
Mr. Miles entered hospital. Mrs. K. L. Oates appointed Acting Head.

1975 June 18
Area Sports meeting with Elmrise and Heathlands.

1975 June 19
School Country Dance Festival held in Boys` playground.

1975 July 4
Fire in bush at back of St. Andrew`s Hall. Fire Brigade called at 1.10 pm but fire had been extinguished by prompt action with buckets of water from the stream by staff and older boys.

1975 to 1976 - Sept. - Staffing

4th year Junior: Miss King & Mr. Jones
3rd year Junior: Mrs. Newlands, Mr. Priest & Mrs. Smith
2nd year Junior: Mr. Ingall & Mr. Bartram
1st year Junior: Mrs. T. Shepherd & Mrs. C. Dawkins

Mrs. Bruckshaw - Top Infants
Mrs. Grinnell
Miss Robson

Mrs. Oates - Reception

Mrs. Erbetta - Remedial full-time
Mrs. Sheppard - Remedial half-time

Mr. S. A. Wilkins now returned from year`s secondment, resumes his duties as Deputy Head.

1975 Sept. 18
Infants & Junior Harvest Thanksgiving Services held in the school. Rev. C. Loughlin from St. Andrew`s Kinson and Rev. C. Rees Tymer? from Richmond Hill took the services.

1976 Jan 17
Staff/Parent/Pupil pantomine in Hall.

1976 Jan. 20 to 24
Staff/Parent/Pupil Pantomine in Hall.

1976 Jan 21
Managers` meeting at School.

1976 March 1
School reopened. Headmaster absent in hospital for one week. Mr. A. Wilkins in charge.

1976 May 3
Mr. Miles entered hospital. Mr. Wilkins assumed duties of Acting Headteacher.

1976 May 5
Termly meeting of the managers.

1976 May 6
School closed for local elections.

1976 May 14
3rd year group to Leeson House with Mr. Priest, Mr. Bartram and Mrs. Dawkins.
Class 7 - day`s outing, Longham, River Stour and Dudsbury.

1976 May 18
First meeting of the Pre-School Parents` group. Miss Roberts and Mrs. Maxwell from the County advisory staff in attendance.

1976 June 11
Annual Country Dance display in the Boys` playground.

1976 June 30
Pre-School Parents group meeting led by Mrs.Maxwell.

1976 July 19
Visit from Mr. Mead from Kingleigh Secondary School.

1976 July 30
School entered overnight, Secretary`s and Headteacher`s rooms ransacked and attempt made to force an entry into the audio- visual aids cupboards. Typewriter stolen. Police called in to investigate.

1976 Sept. 14
School re-opened after Summer holiday. Headmaster returned after illness.

1976 Sept. 30
Mr. S. A. Wilkins resigned from staff having obtained appointment as Headmaster of a school in Germany with Army Education Service.

1976 Oct. 21
Mr. M. Laird, at present at Lockyer`s Middle School was appointed.

1976 Nov 6
(Saturday) Called to school by caretaker as the playgrounds were flooded and there was imminent danger of the Infants classrooms being flooded. This was just averted but situation very serious for a time. Borough Engineer`s representative called and promised to send help but failed to do so.

1976 Dec. 26
Interviews for position of caretaker held held at the school. Mr. W. Crane appointed to take up his duties on 7 Jan working with Mr. Wiffen for 2 weeks.

1977 Jan. 10
School re-opened. Mr. M. Laird took up his position as Deputy Head.

1977 Jan. 27
Managers` meeting held in school.

1977 Feb. 16
Parents` and School Pantomine held in the school on Wednesday,Thursday,Friday and Saturday evenings.

1977 April 27
Managers` meeting in the school.

1977 May 5
School closed for County Council elections.

1977 June 1
Jubilee celebrations. Country Dance Festival with Mummers Play and crowning of Jubilee Princess at Pelhams Park. Crowning ceremony performed Miss Ward previous Headmistress of the school. Miss Willis also present. Over 500 parents attended on a glorious summer afternoon.

1977 June 27
Meeting in school to consider the formation of a Pre-School Playgroup in the school in empty classrooms. Decided to seek necessary permission to go ahead. Voluntary playgroup organised by parents who have formed special committee.

1977 July 7 - 9
`Smike` musical based on Dickens movel performed in school.

1977 Sept. 21
Managers` meeting in school. First meeting of New group. Mr. Cllr. R. Haskell replaces Mrs. Sturge (resigned). Mr. Weaver re-elected chairman.

1977 Oct. 10
Annual meeting of Parents` & Friends` Association held in the school.

1977 Oct. 14
Appointment of Playgroup Supervisor.

1977 Oct. 19
First annual meeting of Playgroup Association held in school.

1977 Oct. 31
School re-opened. Mr. Bartram handed in resignation.

1977 Nov. 1
First day of Playgroup. To meet Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday am, weekly.

1977 Nov. 9
Open evening and consultation with parents arranged for today and tomorrow postponed because of power workers industrial action and resultant power cuts.

1977 Dec. 13
Interviews during this week for vacancy due to Mr. Bartram`s resignation.

1977 Dec. 16
Recommended appointment of Mr. E. Gillis at present Acting Deputy Head - St. Marks. He is able to start on January 9.

1977 Dec. 31
School closed. Mr. Bartram left to take up appointment in Cambridge.

1978 Jan. 9
School re-opened. Headmaster absent ill. Mr. M. Laird Acting Headmaster for period of his absence. Mr. E. Gillis replaced Mr. Bartram.

1978 Feb. 1
Managers` meeting at the school.

1978 Feb. 10
Headmaster returned.

1978 Feb. 20
School due to re-open after half-term but remains closed due to inclement weather. Very heavy snow with drifts up to 20 feet deep in parts of the county. Snow up to 3 feet in the playground. Extreme shortage of fuel oil is further complication only 2 days supply remains which has to be retained for frost prevention purposes.

1978 Feb 21
School still closed.

1978 Feb. 22
School part re-opened with Hillside room in use and Mrs. Bruckshaw`s class using Dining Hall. These classrooms have gas heating. Announcement daily by Radio Solent of schools open.

1978 Feb. 27
Monday still 4 classes only at school. No sign of any delivery of oil either from Education office or from Oil company.

1978 March 1
All classes open after oil shortage.

1978 March 8 - 11
Parent/Staff/Pupil pantomine.

1978 March 13
Staff under union instructions. Letter to parents sent home on Friday requesting that they should have as many children home as possible but offering to continue free meals and sandwiches where absolutely necessary. 45 free meals supplied and 101 sandwiches. Supervision by Meals helpers and H..M. remained on premises.

1978 April 19
Managers` meeting at school.

1978 July 7
Interviews for 2 vacancies. Offered appointments to Mrs. Way & Mrs. Butterworth.

1978 July 13
`Wizard of oz` - for parents.

1978 July 20
Country Dancing Festival in school.

1978 Sept. 27
Managers` meeting at the school.

1978 Oct. 18
Annual meeting of Playgroup held at school.

1978 Oct. 27
Group to Leeson House for week and Mr. Gillis in charge with Mr. Laird & Mrs. Grinnell.

1978 Dec. 8
Interviews at school. Miss Thomas appointed (Mrs. Tempest).

1978 Dec. 15
Plays for Parents evening. All lights fixed except those in Hall 10 minutes before end of performance.

1978 Dec. 21
Mrs. Sweetman, playgroup, ceased duty.

1978 Dec. 24
Called to school by caretaker at 3.30 pm as he had discovered school had been entered illegally through window in playgroup room.

1979 Jan. 8
School not able to re-open owing to shortage of heating oil and very heavy snow making playground dangerous. No intimation as to when oil could be expected.

1979 Jan 15
School re-opened. Half-term to be reduced to 2 days.

1979 Jan. 16
Oil was delivered and school able to continue.

1979 Jan. 24
Managers` meeting at school.

1979 March 13
Brass group accompanied hymns in assembly and played certain items. First public performance.

1979 May 2
Managers` meeting at the school.

1979 May 3
General Election school closed. Election of new Conservative administration with Britain`s
first woman Prime Minister.

1979 May 8
First day of action by teachers. Reduced numbers to meals in consequence of there being no
collection of meals money. Parents previously notified.

1979 May 19
School Fete - over £600 profit raised.

1979 May 22-23
Performance of "Joseph and his amazing technicolour dream coat", over 100 in cast. Mr. Gedling
Deputy County Education officer attended.

1979 May 25
School closed for half-term holiday. Teachers` action ended.

1979 June 7
EEC elections in school. Dining room used as an experiment keeping school open - no meals.
Considered by Returning officer to be unsatisfactory.

1979 June 21
By Election in school and school closed.

1979 July 4
Miss Bisgood, chairman of Education committee visited the school to bid farewell and say
thank you to Mrs. Oates who will be retiring at the end of term.

1979 July 5
Interviews conducted for appointment as Deputy Head. Mr. Laird will be leaving at end of term.
7 candidates interviewed from 50 applicants. Mr. E. Gillis appointed.

1979 July 7
Sponsored walk in playing field in aid of School minibus appeal. Over £600 collected.

1979 July 11
Town Primary Sports. 20 children entered, 18 certificates gained.

1979 July 13
Country Dancing Festival at school.

1979 July 19
Infants concert in honour of Mrs. Oates. Parents invited.

1979 July 20
Presentation at Assembly to Mrs. Oates, Head of Infants department who retired today after 24
years service in the school and 29 years altogether. A teacher of real quality.

1979 Sept. 4
School reopened after Summer holiday. Mr. Gillis assumed responsibility as Deputy Head, Mrs. Crowe as Head of Infants.

1979 Sept. 14
Mrs. Palmer involved in accident on way home - multiple injuries.

1979 Dec. 3
New minibus delivered to school.

1979 Dec. 6
Official handing over of minibus by chairman of Parents` Association.

1979 Dec. 6
Auction of gifts of traders in aid of minibus appeal.

1979 Dec. 13
Visit to School of officers to discuss closing of Hillside classrooms now deemed spare owing to falling rolls.

1980 Jan. 30
Managers` meeting at the school. Information received that two of classrooms at Hillside must be closed - economies.

1980 Feb. 13
Staff,Parent - pupil pantomine at the school. 4 successive evening performances.

1980 Feb. 15
Received information that swimming teacher is being withdrawn from April - another economy measure. Mrs. Tempest`s
class moved to main school from Hillside and craftroom closed.

1980 Feb. 29
Reception class on a visit to Annetts Bakery at West Howe Industrial Estate.

1980 March 7
Heating problems in school especially at Infants department.

1980 March 18
Heating repairs pipework completed.

1980 March 25
Fire Practice in the school.

1980 April 15
Violin classes commenced. 15 children having lessons now having to pay in line with economies.

1980 April 24
20 children from top of school to Winter Gardens for Symphony concert.

1980 May 13
Fire Practice.

1980 May 14
Managers` meeting in school. Education officer put forward a plan to combat falling rolls. This would entail conversion of Kinson into a First School only with children going to Kingsleigh Junior at age of 8+. Very strong opposition voiced by Managers and Head.

1980 May 17
School Fete. Takings over £1300.

1980 June 5
Parents` committee to review Fete arrangements. Profit from last Fete £700+.

1980 July 2
Musical production of Hans Christian Anderson. Three evenings packed audiences. £120 given in donations and raffles. Minibus now paid off.

1980 July 8
Town Sports at Kings Park. Many certificates and one town champion.

1980 July 18
School closed. Mr. Ingall retires after 12 years. Miss Howard leaves to go to Germany. Sponsored spell total over £750.

1980 July 21
Interviews held. Mr. M. Nicholls appointed to take up post in September.

1980 Sept. 2
School reopened. First day without school meals. Packed lunches supplied by taxi from Glenmoor.First lunch consisted of: half a scotch egg, 1 slice of bread and butter, 1 very small tomato and 1 small shortbread.

1980 Sept. 3
Meals still unacceptable.

1980 Sept. 19
Harvest Festival in school with Rev. M. Archer,curate of St. Andrew`s. 50+ parcels sent out to old people of area.

1980 Sept. 24
Managers` now called Governors according to 1980 Education Act. Meeting at school. Re-organisation discussed. The governors re-affirmed their total opposition to the suggested change to make Kinson a two form entry 5-8 First School.

1980 Oct. 2
Mr. Artus and Mr. Uren visited the school to discuss reorganisation scheme.

Parents Association AGM followed by consultative meetingof parents. Hall packed and many standing. Over 200 present. Total opposition to the proposal to change school to First School. Petition launched. Miss Bisgood, chairman of the Education committee & MissO`Brian,chairman of Schools sub-committee amongst several councillors present. Again, the officers unable to answer questions concerning details of proposals.

1980 Nov. 3
New porch built on Boys entrance side during holiday. Caretaker`s store hut taken down and preparations made for the erection of new oil storage tanks.

1980 Nov. 29
Saturday - Christmas Fayre. Over £300 profit and best response by way of help from Parents.

1980 Dec. 1
No further action in respect of plans to change the school into 2FE First School. Over 2,000 signatures were collected in a petition to leave this school unchanged.

To be continued.

Kinson County Primary School
Headteacher  Mrs Patricia Burnham

Kinson County Primary School
Headteacher Mr James Elliott

Kinson Primary School
Headteacher Mrs E. Thomasson

Kinson Primary School
From 2013 to 31st August 2018 
Headteacher Miss Victoria Bryan

From September 2018
Mrs Prout from Ambitions Academies Trust (AAT).

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Kinson Primary School now known as Kinson Academy.

KINSON SCHOOL RECORDS - held at the County Archives, Dorchester

SC 1

Kinson School 1834 to 1857. Accounts for Day and Sunday Schools 1834 to 1852 at back: Minutes of School Committee 1834 to 1835. List of names under Williams` and Weare`s Charities 1842 to 1857.

SC 2

List of subscribers to Day and Sunday Schools, 1834 National School 1836.

SC 3

Insurance policy on School House (Fire and Life Insurance Co) 1836.

SC 4

Bills and receipts for Day and Sunday Schools, including Penny Club 1837 to 1842.

SC 5

Kinson and Kinson Heath Schools
Schools Committee minutes 1872 to 1876.

SC 6

Notice from Kinson School Board about Religious Instructions.

KINSON PRIMARY SCHOOL MUSEUM CABINET    1996 - 2014                           


The museum was opened on 8th March 1996, by Mrs. P. Burnham,  Head teacher 1982-1995. Circa £800 was spent on the project which included the purchase of a purpose built museum cabinet to securely house exhibits and the restoration of the School`s clock(s). Bournemouth Council  offered to assist with educational needs and  research. £400 was received from the sales of Mrs. Jean Budd`s book and the balance came from School funds and donations.

For some considerable time  there had been  discussions with the Bournemouth Museum Service including the late Mr. Tony Westrap, the Kinson Historical Society and other interested bodies for the  return and loan to the school of the National School stone of 1836 once displayed on the  Old Kinson Village School whose site later became the  Kinson Village Green.

With the full approval of all interested bodies, the National  School stone was displayed within the cabinet for many years. Valuables artefacts relating to the late Miss Lilian Ward (Headteacher 1928 -1960), held by Mrs. J. Budd, were  entrusted  to the school  for  display.  These same conditions applied to numerous other artefacts loaned/donated by others.

Since 29th January 1996, as originally requested, a  museum inventory was compiled and included other unique items of interest within the school, which was  kept for safe-keeping and given to the School in a digital format in 2014.  Apart from   supervised moving, under the direction of  former Head(s), the museum cabinet remained  in a prominent corridor location until the  summer 2014. The museum  artefacts are now displayed in a different format and the museum cabinet has gone.  

(Previously known as Kinson County Primary School)

The following Museum Inventory  details artefacts, registers  and items loaned/ donated to the School. Historic content within the fabric of the School was also recorded.                                                                                     

Bespoke built  with the National School stone of 1836 (loaned from the Russell- Cotes Museum) as a central theme, soundly secured and protected at a lower level. Disposed of August 2014.

MC 1
Signed  copy of “A Gracious Lady”, depicting the life of Miss Lilian Ward, by Mrs Jean Budd. (1)

MC 2
Framed tribute to Miss L. Ward, compiled by Mr. W. Magowan on behalf of the Kinson School Governing Body. (1)

MC 3
Black & white photograph mounted on card (1)
John Dunbar Chairman of the P.F.A. presenting the keys of the School`s first minibus to Christina Benbow and James Magowan  with Mr. John Miles Headteacher and the children in 1978.

MC 4
Colour photograph, taken in the Main Hall, depicting the Governing Body and Staff, 1991 (1)
Back row: Paul Thomas, Rodney Haskell, Lynda Ford-Horne,
L to R:   Nigel Pearce, The Mace-bearer, Susan Cole, Keith Sharp, Richard Singleton.
Front row:Jenny Phillips, Edward Gillis (Deputy Hedteacher), Adele Gentle,
L to R:   Bill Magowan (Chair), Lionel Bennett – Mayor of Bournemouth,  Patricia Burnham (Headteacher), Robert Keniston, Margaret Merchant.

MC 5
10cm small hand bell with clapper, in good condition. (1)

MC 6
12.5cm large hand bell. (1)
Bell cracked and damaged.

MC 5 & MC 6.
These hand bells were used in the 1940s & 1950s, to summon the children to school in the morning and also used at the end of playtime.

MC 7  
Captioned coloured photographs mounted on card.
Councillor D. Crone Mayor of Bournemouth 1986 opening the 50th Anniversary Fete (1)
Mr. Dave Cobb the Caretaker made a cake in the shape of the school to celebrate the anniversary (1)

MC 8
Captioned coloured photographs mounted on card.
The Parents & Friends Association in Bournemouth Gardens selling £1200 worth of tickets to win a holiday. (1)
Mrs. P. Burnham presenting the holiday vouchers to the winner. (1)

MC 9
Colour photograph mounted on black card. (1) The Fancy Dress parade  with Queen Victoria & Prince Albert. (1986)                                                                                                                                                                    

MC 10 Information card (1)
In  1986  to  commemorate  the  150th  anniversary  of  the  founding  of  the  school  and  the  50th anniversary of this building (School Lane), each child was given a mug by the Parents & Friends Association.  The school presented dramatic performances  depicting  the history of Kinson and a major reunion was held. The P.F.A. organised a grand draw for  the 50th anniversary - £1200 for a holiday. Tickets were sold in the  Bournemouth  Gardens.

MC 11   Captioned colour photograph mounted on black card. (1)
One of the plays depicting the story of St. Barnardo  who visited Kinson.

MC 12  Kinson School 1836 – 1986  (1)
Booklet by R. D. Haskell, distributed to all pupils in 1986.

MC 13 Limited edition School mug, with illustrations of the old school & the new school`s logo. (1)

MC 14 Flood photographs
Caption:   Throughout  its  history  the  school  has  been  beset  by  flooding problems. In 1992 the  Governors at last made headway with a Flood alleviation scheme.

MC 15  
School log book in moderate condition. (1)
Kinson  Council Infants department.
1892 – 15th June 1922.

MC 16
Unbound   insert inside item 14. (1)
Kinson  Council Infants department.
16th June 1922 – 27th July 1928.

MC 17   School logbook 1871 pt – 29th April 1898. (1)
Pages 1-34 & 79-90 missing.
Page 490: Copy of resolution passed by Parish meeting.
Page  491: Copy of letter sent to Mr. Talbott 29th April 1897 concerning employment of boys not  legally exempt from school attendance.
Page 491:  Result of action for slander – Griffin v Hayward  16th January 1896.

MC 18   School  logbook in good condition (1)
Part of the locking device missing. Circa from 2nd May 1898.

MC 19   Caption in front of logbooks (displayed).
The school log books or diaries cover the periods:
1871 – 1898.
1893 – 1922 Infants department.
1898 – 1982 Senior department.

(Admission Registers: please also refer to AR 1 to AR 13.)

MC 20  Sepia photograph mounted on card (1)
Kinson School in 1874 with Mr. S Garland the Headteacher.
The school stone (display below) can be seen above the porch and the school bell hung in the tower to summon the children to school.    

MC 21  Headteachers of Kinson School (1)
Roll of Honour 1834 – 1995
(Note: Information revised and updated at a later time.)

MC 22  Enlarged White`s (Post Office) postcard mounted on card. (1)
Kinson Road in the 1960s showing the original school on the right.

MC 23  Kinson School tie (1)
In use in the past.

MC 24  Triangular cap badge (1)
Dating to 1950s?

MC 25  Black & white photograph mounted on card. (1)
Babies` room at Kinson Council Infants & Junior school.

MC 26  Decorated & glazed tile by Poole Pottery, depicting ducks on a lake. (1)
This tile came from the large classroom nearest  to gates to Kinson Road, when some alterations took place during replacement of large windows.  Some tiles lost, many remain in original place.

MC 27 Descriptive caption mounted on card. (1)
The Queen Elizabeth was launched in 1936. Hand painted tiles were made by Poole Pottery to decorate the nursery of the ship.Those surplus to requirements were given to the school when it was being built and were placed in the two largest classrooms.  This was verified by the Late Miss L. Ward when visited  in 1986.

MC 28  County Borough of Bournemouth Education Authority booklet  (1)
Opening of Kinson Infant & Junior School and East Howe Infant & Junior School on Monday, 31st August 1936.

MC 29  Metal plaque
Commemorating the opening of Kinson Council School on 31st August 1936 by Alderman H.G. Harris J.P., Mayor.  ( Originally hung on  outside wall by school steps  still present by walk way to School Lane from Kinson Road.)                                                                              

MC 30 Commemorative key to Front doors (1)
Brass key decorated with the Coat of Arms of Bournemouth.
Inscribed on the reverse:
Kinson Council School.
Opened 31st August 1936.
Alderman Harris. Mayor.

MC 31 Descriptive caption (1)
When the school was opened in 1936 Miss L. Ward the Headmistress was presented with this commemorative  key to the front door.

MC 32 National School Stone 1836
The  School stone  (original  school  site  –  now   Kinson  Village  Green),  was  found  in  a garden in Millhams  Lane now Road in 1985. It is on loan from the  Russell  Cotes Museum. (Originally displayed in the museum cabinet and now displayed in a different format.)

MC 33  School Bell  from original school site (no longer in school and returned to loaner).

MC 34 Sepia photograph mounted on card (1)
Wimborne Road showing the school in the 1900s.

MC 35 National Savings Movement Certificate 1937 (1)

MC 36 Miss L. M. Ward`s Retirement Book, July 1960 (1)

FS 1  Framed Scroll (1): An original framed illuminated scroll presented to Miss Lilian May Ward by  Borough of Bournemouth  to mark her retirement on 1st September 1960.Presented for the Museum  by Mrs. Jean Budd.

2 School “Tilley” clocks (2)
Professionally restored, in working order in 1996 + key. (Viewed on 4th August 2014.)

A collection of uncatalogued photos depicting pupils and School life.  Photo of 3 Head teachers 1986.

Written data held in storage area – used for historical projects.

Photograph album (1986)
A smuggling photograph album , pupil activities 1986. Includes  Roger Guttridge`s visit to school.
(Copyright and negatives held by Mr. R. D. Haskell).

Presented  to School by Councillor Heath.  (Stored under Main Hall stage. Present 2013.)
Used on Kinson Village Green also at School events  on present School field.

Mosaic: Main entrance.  Pupils` artwork project using broken tiles.  Some broken  Poole Pottery tiles included?

Admission Registers :

AR 1    Kinson School Register 1892 -1918.
With some entries for: 1886, 1887, 1888,1889, 1890 and 1891.

AR 2   Kinson Council School
Infants department,   31st March 1914 – 8th January 1923.

AR 3   Kinson Council School
Mixed department, 13th January 1919 – 12th February 1923.

AR 4 Kinson Council School
Infants department, 8th September 1919 – 9th July 1928.

AR 5 Kinson Council School
Mixed department, 1st September 1919 – 13th October 1930.

AR 6 Kinson Council Junior School
Mixed department, 13th October 1930 – 11th March 1936

AR 7 Kinson Council School
September 1936 – 1952.  Missing in 1996, now found.

AR 8 Kinson County Primary School
(Under 5`s.)  10th September 1945 – 25th January 1954

AR 9 Kinson County Primary School
22nd April 1952 – 20th June 1962

AR 10 Kinson County Primary School
Infant & Junior department,   11th September 1962 – 30th April 1976.

AR 11   Kinson County Primary School
Admission Register, 30th April 1976 – 13th September 1982.

AR 12   Kinson County Primary School
The  Statutory Admission Register.
17th October 1983 – 18th September 1995.

AR 13   School Register,  in use in 1996 and now stored.

All Registers from AR 1 to AR 13 onwards, up to present day, stored in the school (2014).

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