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 Kinson Village News   -   2020 

Kinson Village News from 1st February 2020 to 31st March 2020

Newsletter No. 28

We warmly welcome you to Kinson and especially to Moonfleet of Kinson, a BT Community website dedicated to our local area. We also thank you for your continued support which is always appreciated. 

In 2020 there will be many opportunities to build upon last year`s successful calendar of local events in the brighter and better days to come this year. For this we must thank the Kinson Business Forum and all the other local organisations who so ably demonstrate true commitment and dedication to our local community and especially to Kinson.

We are also very fortunate to have The Kinson Hub right in the heart of our community. It houses an excellent library, offers free internet access and a comprehensive range of facilities catering for all ages groups. It is also home to other important council departments who provide essential local services. Throughout the year the Hub`s window displays  highlight many local happenings and this theme is continued in the close by outside community notice board. 

This time last year we hinted at the setting up of the new unitary authority comprising of Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole and known collectively now as the BCP Council. Now, it feels  as if the  BCP has always been here.

The Kinson Community Association (Pelhams), another very popular venue locally, continues to attracts at least 76 leisure activity groups. 

Surrounded by greenery, the parkland with its magnificent trees, has Green flag status and the long established Pelhams Bowls Club is well supported. 

In close proximity, the Pelhams Park Leisure Centre is also easily accessible and offers a wide-range of gym, swimming and good sporting facilities. 

With Springtime quickly approaching, we are fully committed to the year ahead and to running on the firm principle of making our website content as educational, informative ,interesting and as enjoyable as possible. This same principle has served us well since 2003. 

It is also still very important to build upon local community foundations and to foster and to encourage those important “little bridges” with all age groups locally. 

One of our most important aims continues to be to encourage people of all age groups to take an interest in their local community and to be aware of the rich history and heritage which an older and modern Kinson still retains.

Although we offer occasional Kinson walks, to those who hold their own public liability insurance, we also give support to and liaise with others associated with our community. 

Weather conditions permitting, which at times have been disruptive, we will continue to focus on Kinson ornithology and as well as looking out for fieldfares, redwings, snipe and teal passing through our region, we hope by March to be recording spring arrivals such as the chiffchaff and the blackcap. 29+ types of birds recorded locally to date.

The 32nd Kinson Common Wild Orchid Survey which ends in June/July this year, started before last Christmas, when a small number of tiny emerging heath spotted and more advanced southern marsh orchid shoots were found in the lower valley. 

In late January, the same site was visited to gps record deposits of frogs` spawn. Recordings were much lower than expected and we hope these will improve during February to March in more favourable weather.

On another local site emerging bee orchid and autumn lady`s tresses have been recorded during the autumn and winter periods. In view of disturbances, the weather and other factors, all will be closely monitored until the summer. Summer flowerings may be much lower than last year`s recordings.

Unfortunately, it was not possible to complete a programme of visits to Turbary Common  at West Howe with Mr Ted Taylor in 2019. We hope to resume visits this year to record the excellent flora and fauna this unique site supports. 

Due to wetter conditions locally, we again hope it`s not too soon to be talking about successful butterfly recording this year. Spring usually  heralds the awakening of the brimstones, commas, peacocks and tortoiseshells and we trust we will not be disappointed. 

With Millhams Mead, Kinson and Turbary Commons and the Stour Valley within reasonable reach locally, dedicated volunteers are always welcomed at the aforementioned sites.

If you have time to spare & would like to help, please contact Countryside officers at the Kingfisher Barn Visitor Centre on 01202 451548 whom we are sure can supply useful information about volunteering. During January some very useful work was undertaken on Two Barrow Heath at Kinson Common.

This year we continue with our local researches. Already, we have been researching more  records in connection with Kinson church and smugglers. 

We are also interested in broadening our photographic knowledge of our area. If you have any older or more modern photographs of Kinson, please consider letting us copy them so that we can share them with others who are also interested in Old Kinson and retaining the Kinson Village atmosphere.

In the coming months we also have many commitments within the Kinson community which will keep us busy up to springtime and beyond. There`s always something worth rediscovering about Old Kinson and we look forward to making more discoveries during 2020. 

Please feel free to download any information you require on any topic published on our website. All we ever ask is that if this information is to be published, please acknowledge the source in the names of R.D & J. Haskell. 

As much as we like to be helpful in the local community and assist with occasional community researches, we regret that we are unable to offer help with individual family history research.

Thanks to BT we extend our very best wishes to everyone who is involved in the local community of Kinson & the wider community of Bournemouth to which we all belong.

We look forward to hearing from you. Meanwhile, thank you for reading our latest newsletter.

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