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 Kinson Village News   -   2020 

Kinson Village News from 1st June to 30th June 2020

Newsletter No. 30 

We welcome you to Kinson and especially to Moonfleet of Kinson, a BT Community website dedicated to our local area. 

Despite the many challenges brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, the "Kinson Village spirit" lives on and we are very grateful and appreciative to Tesco and other local shops and to our Post Office for remaining open during a difficult time. We also say thank you to the NHS and everyone else who serve daily to safeguard our health and well being.

We hope that in the weeks to come, more businesses will be able to reopen, also some schools. Passing by the Village Green daily and the vibrant wild flower area, we hope in due course, the Kinson Hub and Library, also the Kinson Community Centre and nearby Pelhams Park Leisure Centre will also reopen again soon.

Again, we fully acknowledge and thank everyone for visiting our website, during difficult times these last few months. We will certainly continue to run on the firm principles of making our content as educational, informative, interesting and enjoyable throughout this year.

As many will know, throughout our successful venture of 17+ years, we have also been committed to building upon local community foundations and to fostering and encouraging those all important "little bridges" with all age groups in the Kinson community.

For very good reasons, we have not had the freedom to liaise with people of all age groups. However, we look forward to the time when restrictions are ended and we can offer assistance to those groups and societies who carry their own public liability insurance. Recently, it has been good to see many people on daily walks, visiting sensibly many of our local sites.

Weather permitting we will continue to focus on Kinson ornithology and look forward to recording more summer visitors. These past months, with quieter traffic, bird song has been more audible and we even managed to record a cuckoo.
The Kinson Common Wild Orchid Survey of 2020 continues and in a few weeks we will have all the necessary information we seek to compare this with annual recordings of earlier years. Millhams in north Bournemouth has been monitored since last autumn and our findings will be completed later this year. 

Last year, at Turbary Common, the early marsh and heath spotted orchids were excellent. Visits with Mr Ted Taylor had to be postponed. We hope to visit Turbary later in June.

As always, one of our main aims throughout our website, has always been to encourage people of all age groups to take an interest in their local community and to be aware of the rich history and heritage which an older and modern Kinson still retains. 

There`s always something worth rediscovering about Old Kinson especially in connection with St. Andrew`s church, Kinson. When restrictions are fully lifted, we hope we can make more discoveries this year. 

Please feel free to download any information you require on any topic published on our website. All we ever ask is that if this information is to be published, please acknowledge the source in the names of R.D & J. Haskell. As much as we like to be helpful in the local community and assist with community researches, we regret that we are unable to offer help with individual family history researches. 

When safe and wise to do so in the future, Bournemouth Council now joined with Christchurch and Poole (BCP), will continue to support recognised conservation groups within the borough. 

During the winter and into spring, Borough officers accomplished some very worthy conservation tasks in the Kinson and surrounding areas. These we know will aid site visitors and greatly benefit flora and fauna.

During the next few months we are coming to the exciting times of recording summer butterflies. We hope to record clouded yellows, graylings, marbled whites, ringlets, silver-washed fritillaries, white admirals and numerous other species that Kinson supports.

If you have any older digital or more modern digital photographs of Kinson, please consider letting us have a copy so that we can share them with others who are also interested in Old Kinson and retaining the Kinson Village atmosphere.  

Thanks to BT we extend our very best wishes to everyone who is involved in the local community of Kinson & the wider community of Bournemouth to which we all belong. 

We look forward to hearing from you. If you wish to Contact Us or add a comment in our Guestbook, you are very welcome to do so by using: 

Meanwhile, thank you for reading our latest newsletter and please take great care of yourselves and keep safe.  

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